Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Blogaversary!!!

One year ago.....I started a blog.
And I am still blogging. So today we are celebrating my One Year Blogaversary with a fun post all about blogging & a giveaway to a lucky reader!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

One more sleep....

Happy Friday eve friends!!! I don't have much to share today....working on a big post for tomorrow. One more sleep until we celebrate our One Year Blogaversary!
Wait....what? Yep. We have been sharing our family table with you for the last 365 days.So excited for tomorrow's post. A big post filled with lots of fun memories over the last year AND a little giveaway to one lucky reader!
For now, you can reminisce back to our first ever blog post.
See you tomorrow! There's always room for one more at our family table!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up.....Still Summer?

Happy Wednesday friends. I hope you are having a great week. Here is a peek inside our was a warm and beautiful one here in the Northeast!
In case you missed my Friday favorites post, I shared how I felt about last week. The week won. I was wiped by Friday and the last thing I needed was a busy weekend, but somehow that's what we ended up with!
The kids and I went out to dinner on Friday....because cooking just felt like too much that night!
We stopped at Barnes & Noble after, as Luke continues his reading obsession and then a stop at Hobby Lobby for some of Ella's birthday supplies. She wants a DIY/ Fixer Upper theme. She loves Chip & Joanna! We have some super cute ideas planned to celebrate & she picked this decor.
Speaking of DIY, Saturday morning we did a little DIY project. We have this large empty wall in the kitchen and I have been wanting to fill it up.
 We sprayed an old table we had in the basement and got some super cute stools (on clearance for 75% off) at Target.
 Table turned out great, but still a work in progress. I need a little something else on the wall.
Paul is normally not one for "DIY" or anything like that so Ella thought we were so cool transforming the table. We told her we were the next Chip & Joanna.😉
 Then it was off to soccer where we watched this girl score her fist ever goal!! 
So proud.
Luke had fun checking out the turtles nearby. 
 We wrapped up soccer and took a quick trip to the boat. It was 80 degrees here and we will be huddled up indoors soon enough, so we took advantage and snuck in a few hours.
We wasted no time getting home from the lake and we changed out of bathing suits and walked across the street to a neighborhood party. A few weeks ago Ella & her friend organized a neighborhood kickball party and we had so much fun. Now another family had organized a game for Saturday night. A beautiful night, lots of kids playing, pizza, and good was a great night!
Sunday morning we were off to church in two separate cars. Luke and Paul stayed after for a meeting (Luke is making his First Holy Communion this year) and Ella and I headed home to get ready for dance.
Ella danced at a local art festival in town. She did a great job!
Luke was there for the fried dough & lemonade!
Dancing ended early so we met my brother & his family at my parents to watch the second half of the Bills game. #heartbreak
Then it was home to make dinner, finish up laundry and get ready to start another week! Whew!
Have a great Wednesday. See you tomorrow....there's always room for one more at our family table.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday Talk......School Organization

Hi friends! I am linking up with  Erika Ashley for Tuesday Talk. A monthly link up where we can talk about any and everything!
I have really been all over the board this year with my topics...
 Not sure about you but this is kind of how I feel after the fist full week of school and activities.
I thought it was a perfect time to talk about all the school papers that come home. As in....what the heck are we supposed to do with all of it? Keep everything? Toss everything? 
My kids come home day one with stacks of papers. Some to fill out, some to return. I pretty much block off the first full week of school to fill out papers, send in registrations and write checks.
I am super thankful our school implemented an electronic backpack this year. Each Friday we get an email and can review any notices or upcoming events. This is amazing. I mean it felt like everyday they came home with the same flyers.....seemed like such a waste of paper. Now I like that I can review it each week online. The only catch is remembering to log in and check it out each week😉 

Now onto all the projects and worksheets that come home. This is where it gets tricky. I think we have all had that moment when your teary eyed 6 year old looks at you when they spot their math sheet in the trash.
 Or is that just me? 
I try to think of my kids when I sort through it. Do they really want every piece of school work when they are older? Probably not. So I get a small container each year for each of my kids and that is what I fill with stuff. In addition to school stuff I keep anything else fun from that year- special birthday cards, awards, pictures, etc.
So how to decide what to keep and what to toss? I do a few things. 
First, my kids have a routine of unpacking their bags as soon as they come home from school and putting all papers in a pile on the island. I try and go through them everyday, usually while I am making dinner.  I don't like it getting out of control, so I try to take care of it daily. Any special projects or holiday art or a great test gets hung on the fridge (before moving to the bin). The rest gets recycled.
I use these questions as a guide to what I keep.
1. Is it something funny or sweet? 
2. Will I regret tossing it?
3. Is it a special memory?
4. Have I kept something similar?
5. Is it a good example of their skills?
My best tip is to just keep on top of it and not let it get too out of control. And if you are going to toss it when no one is looking!

You guys have any fun tips on this?? Please share in the comments below.
Have a great Tuesday!!