Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Parties!!!

I can't believe Halloween is on Monday! Kind of bummed it is on a Monday night...those poor teachers in school! Not only dealing with Monday, but a room full of  little superheroes, princesses, ghosts and witches all itching to collect candy! And then Tuesday....ugh...tired and running on candy! Next week is going to be a looooong week!

But let's talk about all the fun stuff!!! This weekend will probably be filled with Halloween parties and activities so I thought I would share a few fun ideas from our Halloween party last year.

I was never a huge Halloween person. I LOVE Christmas, Thanksgiving,4th of July.....but Halloween was never my thing. Then I had kids.....and Halloween is super fun!!
Last year we had a neighborhood Halloween party after Trick or Treating. Being in Buffalo the weather can be a toss up come late can have 65 and sunny or a snowy Halloween! There were times growing up that I had to have a winter coat on under my costume. Now when I help my kids choose their costumes I am always thinking "What if it's 30 degrees?" Anyway, last year the weather was awesome and Halloween fell on a Saturday...PERFECT! We kept the party outside...Paul built a great fire and we opened up our garage space for games and food.
I love throwing parties and you will find that out as you follow me. Having a house full of family and friends makes my heart happy! I do love getting creative with how I decorate to keep it on a budget and hope to pass on some tips to you! 

The garage was looking...well.. garage like. I grabbed some black and orange table cloths and hung them on the walls. I also grabbed some "spider web" and plastic spiders.  I got a few cute Halloween banners from the dollar section at Target.

I just hung table cloths as back drops and put up some spider web and the signs from Target.

We did not do a ton of food, as everyone had already eaten dinner and the kids were looking forward to candy. We did make some "snakes" out of green grapes. We threaded the grapes on a skewer and used a dollop of frosting to put one candy eye on the front. You can see them in the lower right hand picture above.
We did make some fun drinks! I have a large punch bowl that we filled with lemonade and added a few drops of green food coloring to make it a wild lime color. Then we froze some black plastic spiders in ice cubes, added them to the lemonade and called it "Spider Juice"! It was a hit with the kids. For the adults we had pitchers of Blood Orange Margaritas. I mixed some Blood Orange soda with tequila and club was so good!!
Our beverage bar!

I had a couple activities for the kids to do....
Of course we had to have hands free donut eating! Tie a donut from a string.. hands behind back....powdered donuts are the way to go!
Make your friend a mummy.....back to the dollar store for rolls of TP..let the kids roll each other into mummies!
I didn't get a good pic of this, but you get the idea!

What's in the bag?? This was such a hit! In the picture below you can see the brown paper bags......
I labelled them as scary Halloween things and filled them with items that might feel like those things.
Monster brains (cooked spaghetti noodles). Put noodles in a plastic bag first.
Skeleton teeth (uncooked popcorn kernels)
Vampire eyeballs (peeled grapes)
Witch ears (dried mangoes)
I held each bag and made up a story about it and let the kids reach inside to feel (no peeking!). There faces and guesses of what was inside was so fun. This was probably the most favorite thing...they were asking for more bags when we finished!

My skeleton crew and I had so much fun at our Halloween party! 
Be sure to check back on Friday. We will be talking fun Halloween food for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! I hope you'll join us....there's always room for one more at our family table!

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