Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up #2!

Another fun fall weekend in the books!
Friday was a beautiful day here in Buffalo! The kids rode their bikes to their friends' house up the street and were happy to play outside until dark....kind of bummed it's getting dark so early! I snapped a fun pic of them climbing the tree after school.

On Thursday night, we had gotten "Booed" by our neighbors. This is one of our favorite traditions this time of year. The door bell rang and when we went to look there was a monster basket filled with cinnamon sugar donuts and apple cider. Such a fun change from candy! So Friday night we were off to "Boo" another neighbor. While the kids love getting "booed", I think they are even more excited to do it to someone else! We loaded up a basket with some glow sticks, snacks and Halloween rings.
You can find the printable tag here.

I got to thinking....why let the kids have all the fun? So I found this fun tag saying "We've been boozed". I tied it to a pumpkin beer and I was off on Saturday night to start a new neighborhood tradition!
Click here for this tag.

Sunday we were off to visit Pumpkinville. It was a beautiful morning... near 70 degrees! The kids each picked their pumpkins and we got a family pic! Happy Mama!

Luke was proud to be the wheelbarrow driver!!

Wearing our Bills colors!!

After picking pumpkins we went into the town of Ellicottville to the Sky High Adventure Park.  They have this awesome roller coaster that you can ride though a trail in the woods. It's so fun! You can also ride a chair lift up the ski hills, go zip lining, or climb a ropes course. Check our their website here.
Paul loves it just as much as the kids! I went down with each of them too...just didn't get pics!

A beautiful fall day!

Finished up the weekend with a Bills win! Doesn't get much better. Click on the pic below to link up to a great recipe for your Meatless Monday. 

I hope to see you next time.....there's always room for one more at our Family Table.

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