Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up #4 Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween friends! We had a fun weekend doing all things Halloween! Friday was part of our school spirit week. The theme for Friday was promoting team spirit and wear your favorite team jersey. Luke went with his Panthers jersey and Ella went with team Halloween.
Actually her class was doing some fun Halloween activities and they were encouraged to wear orange and black.
At dinner Friday night, Luke came up with this idea...."I'm going to go trick or treating in my skeleton costume and then come home and change and go again in a different costume.  Double candy!"  Solid idea Luke....but no.
We had plans on Saturday night to carve our pumpkins. The kids faces as they pulled out the inside was priceless! 

This was the first year they both actually pulled out the inside stuff without getting freaked out about how it felt or lose interest after one handful. We are not fancy carvers....pretty standard here. It's probably Paul's least favorite holiday tradition...he's just not that into it. Anyway- Luke wanted a scary face and Ella wanted a classic. So this is what we got....
I mean I can host a fun party and decorate all day.....but this carving thing....blah!

 I thought mini caramel apples would be a fun treat to have after carving.  I have come across the idea on Facebook and Pinterest and thought they would be fun to make.  The process seemed simple...peel an apple and use a melon baller to make mini apple balls. We put them on a stick and dipped in melted caramel. We used orange sprinkles, melted chocolate and chopped Snickers to decorate. I put them in the fridge to chill while we carved the pumpkins.
Once I pulled them out of fridge the caramel seemed to melt off the apple. Needless to say they did not look great after 15-20 minutes. They tasted yummy though and that's all that mattered to the kids. I would not classify it as a #pinterestfail but I definitely need to do some research before we make these again!

Sunday brought the Bills game....and we won't say anymore. We moved onto something a little more entertaining.The kids love watching Halloween Baking Championship on the Food Network. So I let them do some of their own decorating for a little treat. I had some skeleton cookies and baked some vanilla cupcakes. I gave them frosting, sprinkles, gummies and let them do their thing!
They came up with some scary creations!
While they decorated I put together a little something for their teachers. I found the cutest free printable to put on the bags. You can find it here.
This is our pic from last year......
Looking forward to sending my crew off for Halloween fun at school, a spooky dinner and a rain free night of Trick or Treating! I hope you all have a spooktacular night! Join us this week as we kick off November with our family's thankful tree and share pics from our Halloween night....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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