Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Hopefully you have gotten a good start on your shopping.....and are ready to talk Stocking Stuffers! Always looking for fun and different ideas in this category, so please leave your ideas in the comments... I would love to read them!

A few things are non negotiable when it comes to stockings in this house.... underwear and toothbrushes! Random, I know,  but they are in the kids stockings each year. Here are a few things I thought would work this year. I tried to link everything so you can click and add to your cart!

For girls...
EOS lip balm
Ella loves these. She has a collection by her bedside and Target is carrying a pretty new one this season that you can shop here.
Nail Polish 
Can't go wrong with fun new nail polish! I thought this was such a cute set!

Washi Tape
Ella loves this and uses it to decorate her binders & folders... all kinds of stuff. You can find this fun pack here.

Bath & Shower Gels
Ella has started to notice Bath & Body Works at the mall and loves the shower gels and lotions from there. Sometimes the scents are too much for me....we are working on using in moderation! This set is really cute! There's always sanitizer too...but we have A LOT of those already!

For Boys
Mini Lego sets. 
Luke loves Legos and the mini sets are a fun addition. They are usually pretty quick to build and are often some sort of vehicle to go with your bigger sets. 

Rubik's 2x2
This is a fun option because it plays faster than the traditional cube. Perfect for a beginner!

This one is supposed to be pretty user friendly, so as not to frustrate young kids trying to learn it!

Athletic Socks
Luke and his friends are pretty serious about their socks! They love knee high socks in wild colors. I know he would love these

For either
Gift cards 
My two love getting gift cards...even in small denominations. $5 for Target, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or a local coffee or donut shop is always fun!!

Magazine Subscription 
E & L love to get mail! They each have a few magazine subscriptions and really look forward to them each month. These are a few of our favorites Highlights, Sports Illustrated Kids, and  Animal Tales.

Fun writing tools.
 Pens, pencils, and  markers are always fun to get. My two are forever making crafts or writing cards.

Gear Ball
I saw this game in store and thought it looked really cool! Would be great on road trips too!

We love this game! It never gets old...we play it all Summer out on the boat and Luke wins pretty much every time!

The kids think it's fun to read under a fort they made or to play hide & seek after dark in the a flashlight is always a good idea! I thought these were kind of fun!

There are always some new movies coming out around Christmas and they fit perfectly in a stocking. This year I think we are going with Secret Life of Pets and Pete's Dragon

And of course a couple sweet treats.... I mean, you can't be without the Lifesavers Storybook or a Reese's Tree???

And there you have it.... my ideas for stockings for a 9 year old girl & a 7 year old boy! Let me know if you have any great ideas!! If you missed our post on gift ideas, you can catch up here.See you on Friday for Friday Favorites....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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