Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stranded- Christmas Movies Edition

Happy Wednesday friends!! 11 days until Christmas...YAY!!!   For a little fun today, I am linking up with Shay and Erika again for this month's version of Stranded.
This month we are sharing what three Christmas movies we would bring along! This was a fun post to do. The first movie I though of was one I have never seen... A Christmas Story. Yes, the one that runs on TV all day for 24 hours.......... I have not seen! It used to be a big joke at work that I had never seen this Christmas staple. My team even bought me the DVD and I still have not watched it. That being would still not be one I would bring on the island!
This is my most favorite!  I mean, it's that movie that I can laugh at over and over again. My favorite time to watch it is on Christmas Eve after the kids are in bed. We pour a few glasses of wine and Paul and I laugh ourselves silly! The tree.. the squirrel..Uncle Eddie.. the moose glass with the all gets me every year!

"KEVIN!!!!!!' Gosh I have loved this movie for years!!!! I am so happy my kids love it too! Don't get me wrong, I love the first one. I mean who didn't dream of living in the McAllisters house and sledding down the stairs and out the front door! But there is something about the magic of NYC at Christmas and the pigeon lady. Marv and Harry's antics get me every time. 

This movie gives me all the feels!!  I LOVE this book... the story is truly magical and the movie did not disappoint. I love Tom Hanks in this movie and the little details... the bell, the ticket punch... and the sounds and music are just amazing. This is my favorite Christmas story to read with my kids and my favorite movie to watch with them. I just feel this one really captures all the magic of the holiday. A few years ago we took the kids on a trip on The Polar Express. It was one of the best Christmas memories. They wore PJs and got their tickets punched.. had hot chocolate...everything! So fun!

I have to add in a few honorable mentions

What are your favorites? Please share with me...I love watching Christmas movies! Be sure to stop back on Friday... sharing all the details on our 5th Annual Gingerbread Party... so much fun!

Hope to see you then... there's always room for one more at our family table.


  1. I haven't watched Polar Express yet but need to add it to the list!! Love your family table :)

  2. What a great list!! We have some of the same movies. ;)

  3. My boys have been watching Mickeys Once (and Twice) Upon a Christmas non-stop! This morning it's snowing and so festive looking, so I put on the Polar Express and made hot cocoa. Perfect morning :)