Monday, December 5, 2016

Weeked Wrap Up- Hello December Edition!

Happy Monday friends!!! We had quite a dramatic start to the weekend. On Friday I shared with you that I was tired... it was a long week...and my kids had a half day. Well Friday afternoon was a show! I was on a conference call for work in my office when I heard screams of horror from the kids in the family room.  I ran out to see that Percy (our elf) had somehow fallen from his hiding spot and was in the dogs mouth! Yes... the elf had not only fallen, but was now in the mouth of a golden retriever!!! Luke was sobbing... Ella was screaming... and I was like I have to get this elf from the dog. I went to grab him and the kids were screaming "You can't touch him, he will lose his magic!"  I think the dog was so scared of the commotion she dropped the elf and now just had the hat in her mouth. The kids were screaming that I still can't touch the elf, so I pulled my sleeve over my hand to pick him up and toss him back on the shelf....I then proceeded to pull the hat out from the dog's mouth. I wish I had a video of the whole scene!
Percy had a rough did the kids. They made him a card and they may need therapy!

After that debacle we were off to Paul's holiday party. I was definitely ready for a holiday cocktail! It's so fun to get dressed up, as we don't do it too often..... even wore red lipstick!
On our way to the party, we stopped at a local grocery store, as Paul was presenting a large donation to the local food bank on behalf of his company.  He was on the news and the kids now think he is famous!

We had a great time at the party! As we walked in, there were baskets of men's and women's holiday socks. Everyone had to put on a pair... I love little details like that!!

Saturday we all slept in and it felt so good! The last couple weeks have been busy, so a nice slow morning was just what we needed. Luke and I took a trip to the library to take out some new books. I love one on one time with each of the kids!
Ella and I were busy getting stuff ready for next weekend's gingerbread party. 
And she fell in love with the hot glue gun and created this....
I helped her with writing the name, but the flower petals & the concept were her idea!

We spent Saturday night in comfy PJs, settled in by the fire and watched a Christmas movie.....Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. My kids love this one...and Paul & I do too!!
Sunday brought a chilly early morning run with my girlfriend, followed by coffee and catching up. Love my Sunday morning runs with her!  Probably the only thing getting me out of bed on a 36 degree mornning. My bed was so darn cozy.... I really wanted to stay in it!

We put up the Christmas lights outside! Finally!!!  We keep it pretty simple.
Seriously what happens to lights in the off season??? This whole pile is dead and they were all functional when we took them down last year!

Sunday afternoon Ella and her dance company performed a holiday showcase for a local nursing home. The residents were so happy to watch the girls dance.

I tried a new recipe this weekend for Meatless Monday. We love risotto and I wanted to try it with cauliflower rice instead of the traditional Arborio rice. I searched online and found a recipe and then tweaked it to make it my own. It was delicious! We topped it with roasted shrimp and asparagus. Got two thumbs up from everyone at our table. You can find the recipe here.
I hope you all had a great weekend!! So excited it's December and we are expecting a "big snow event" at the end of this week! Tomorrow I will be linking up for Show & Tell Tuesday and sharing some of the Christmas decor in our house.  I hope you will join us....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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