Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up.....Last Weekend in January

I needed this weekend so bad! After being gone last weekend and fighting a cold all week I was so ready for some downtime and catching up! E&L had big plans for a sleepover at my parents on Friday night and they went to see Disney on Ice on Saturday with my Mom & sister.
They had a great time!!
We had plans to go cross country skiing on Friday night with some friends, but we did not have enough snow and the trails were closed. It's not something you think is January! So Paul & I settled on a much needed night in. I made dinner....filet with sauteed beet noodles with goat cheese and roasted asparagus. AH-Mazing if I do say so myself! Wegmans, our local grocery store and quite possibly my favorite place in the world has these beet noodles that I have wanted to try forever and now I am hooked. You know that craze with the "zoodles"...zucchini  noodles? Well, Wegmans has noodled everything! Zucchini, beets, butternut squash. sweet potatoes....if it can become noodle-like...they are on it!

I just sauteed these over medium high heat with a little Tuscan herb infused olive oil until they were softened. I topped them with some goat cheese and scallions. I will probably make these every week!

We had our dinner and finally got to see Girl on the Train (on demand of course). I read the book last about 2 days... and was really looking forward to seeing the movie. However I had set my expectations low, because I loved reading Gone Girl and then the movie just did not do it for me!  This happens to me all the time.....I never like the movie nearly as much as the book. The one exception is The Help. I loved that book and I loved that movie. If you have not read it... you should! I  know it's not recent, but I really loved this book & movie!
Anyway... Girl on the Train (movie) was....not great. It switches back and forth between characters a lot in the beginning and if you don't know the story line it can be really confusing.. Paul was lost. The book was so suspenseful, I couldn't wait to turn the page, but the movie didn't feel as exciting. Book-1 Movie-0

Saturday I had 8 miles to run according to my marathon training calendar. It was 26 degrees and snowing. This meant I had to hop on the treadmill.... I was dreading it.
But I got it done and couldn't get off fast enough when I saw that 8 mile mark!
Paul and I had a lunch date on Saturday at one of our favorite local restaurants. His parents get us a gift certificate for there every year and we had such a great lunch!

Sunday felt like a Sunday!! Lazy... laundry....meal kind of Sunday! We had a big breakfast, went to church, and that was about it!
Did you catch our meal ideas yesterday?? I shared some of my favorites with you! I can't believe the Super Bowl is on Sunday! I will share some ideas on parties and healthier snacks this week!
See you soon...there's always room for one more at our family table.
ps...had to chuckle at Paul... snowblowing in shorts!

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