Thursday, February 9, 2017

A few ideas for Valentine's Day.......

So I have to admit....I am really not into Valentine's Day. It has never been one of my favorites. I just love a sweet card and that's about it! But the kids celebrate it in school and get all excited so I get on board and put hearts on everything!
While I may not love Valentine's Day, I do love a good theme!  A couple things I do for my crew....
Heart shaped  breakfasts.....waffles or pancakes....
Heart shaped lunches.....
Sandwiches, cheese, cucumbers, berries,brownies...I will cut anything into a heart and they eat it up...literally!
Our school does not allow food or candy to be brought in to hand out, so we need to get creative. I found  cute little tags and attached them to these fun straws I found at the dollar store.  
For the teachers, I grabbed some Eos lip balm, lotion and something sweet, and will tie them up with this cute tag.
And last.... I saw this heart idea on Pinterest and loved it. Each morning I put a heart on the kids' doors with a sweet note. It is the highlight of their morning!!  They wake up so happy to read their note... so simple and yet so appreciated! 
My favorite though is they have put some on our bedroom door and they are the best little messages!!
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.....there's always room for one more at our family table!

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