Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up....SuperBowl Edition!

So today is really like Monday in mind. After the Superbowl on Sunday, yesterday just seemed a blur!

We had a fun weekend... I didn't think we had a lot going on, but as I sat down to recap our weekend I realized we packed a lot in!! Friday night after dinner, we took the kids to the Albright Knox Art Gallery. I have not been there in years, and they offer free admission on the first Friday of each month, so thought it would be something different to do.  It really is such beautiful building...
They had a drop in art class where the kids could make some art. They each made a fun mask!
We walked around for about an hour and checked out the art and sculptures. The optical illusion pieces were some of our favorites..
I would not classify myself as an art expert...but I could not figure out what the draw was in this piece. It was some black fabric hung on the wall? It was a cool spot to snap a pic though!
After we got our fill of art we went to satisfy our sweet tooth!  Who doesn't love going out for just dessert? Local friends...Romeo & Juliet's has some serious dessert choices!!
How can you beat a cupcake the size of your head?? 
Saturday Ella was off to a birthday party for her sweet friend Sophie. She had so much fun...they went out to lunch, painted some pottery and ended with some froyo!
Luke wasn't feeling too hot, so he and Paul opted for the coach, blankets and college basketball.
And I hit the pavement.....
9 miles... week 2 of training down...16 to go! Yes...that is 19 degrees!! I was freezing.... absolutely freezing! But I am not a fan of long runs on the treadmill, so I bundled up and got it done! The sun was peeking out and I was thankful for that! This week's long run is only 6 miles and as of today the weekend is looking to be in the 40s! And in two weeks I will be running in Florida! Yay for warmth and sunshine! After my run, I did some work on my blog and finalized our weekly meal ideas for February. This month, we are sharing a "Cook One, Eat Twice" concept. Recipes to cook extra meat and seafood for dinner one and turn it into delicious salad for meal 2! Check out the first week here.

Superbowl Sunday!!!  Paul was out early to ski, but not before grabbing some donuts for the kids (and who am I kidding...I asked him to go for me!). Our local donut shop makes Superbowl sprinkle donuts each year and since we had one rooting for the Patriots and one for the Falcons, he got some of each.
Paul came back from skiing, picked up Ella and they went skiing together for the afternoon. They had also skied together Saturday night too. Paul really wants the kids to love skiing, so the second they mention wanting to go, he drops everything and off they go!
Luke was still feeling kind of low key, so he relaxed and I got some food ready for the big game.  Then he got a burst of energy and started decorating the house with any NFL related items he owned......

We were both rooting for the Falcons and put on whatever we could find that was black & red!
We had some good friends over and celebrated with tacos, guac and cupcakes!
These BBQ chicken tacos were amazing and I will be sharing the recipe soon! 
My team didn't win.... but it was an exciting game shared with great friends and good food... so still a win in my book!
Monday morning was tough for my little Patriots fan.....
 who stayed up way past her bedtime to watch them win!
Tomorrow I will be linking up for Workin' It Wednesday....this month's topic is how you work your marriage! Fun topic! See you soon....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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