Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Little more Fun in the Sun!!!

So yesterday I shared some pics from the first half of our winter getaway. If  you missed it, you can catch up here.  We decided to check out Hilton Head Island on our way home. We try to explore somewhere new each year and this was on our list. Paul and I joke that we are doing "Retirement Research"!
We wanted to see HHI to check out the golf courses, the bike paths, the beaches, and the overall feel of the town. It was considered the "off season", so I scored a deal on a great resort and the town was not too crowded.
The kids loved the resort! It has recently gone through a renovation, so all the rooms have been updated, as well as the pool area!
We got in late afternoon and checked out the resort and the beach. 
Then it was off to dinner. We ate Aunt Chilada's was national margarita day and two....we could eat Mexican everyday. They had crab legs on the kids menu which Luke loved! The cracking is so fun!
We made plans to rent bikes the next morning and found a few shops in town and checked their rates online. Tip- if you go, check out rentals in town, as opposed to the resort. Our resort offered a 3 hour rental for $25 and we found a spot in town for $9 for 24 hours!!
We decided on the tandem bike and each took a kid with us.  This is the way to go, since we biked over 20 miles that day. The kids could pedal when they wanted to and took a break when they were tired.
The town is so great with all the bike paths! I just loved biking everywhere! Our first stop was breakfast at The French Bakery. Ella is obsessed with all things Paris & France so she was ecstatic to visit there. 
We had some amazing crepes.
  And of course had to grab some macarons to go!
Although we didn't get very far!
We biked back to the resort and relaxed by the pool for the afternoon, before hopping back on our bikes to go to dinner.
 We biked 7 miles to dinner and ate at The Salty Dog Cafe. It's kind of a signature spot on the island.
Dinner was delicious and we grabbed a family photo under the sign.
I was in awe at the amount of alligators roaming around the waters near the bike path! Had I known this, we could have skipped our Florida gator tour. We saw so many gators here!
The next morning we found a breakfast spot near the iconic lighthouse on the island. We ate and then climbed our way to the top of the lighthouse. It was a neat climb, as each level shared some history of the island.
And then it was time to relax!!! Lots of pool time, lunch by the pool, and just taking it easy.
 The kids loved these round pool huts!

We grabbed dinner at The Crazy Crab, where Luke devoured another round of crab legs! After dinner we walked towards the water and just happened to see the most beautiful sunset.....
A picture perfect end to a great trip!
We stopped by a fun wooden playground to get some more exercise before the long drive home!
We got up bright and early Saturday morning for the 14 hour ride home....
Although some of us went right back to sleep!
We loved Hilton Head! The landscape is just beautiful... so many pretty trees and loved the town layout and the beach. The biking is just great! I loved being able to get pretty much anywhere on the island by bike! I would love to go back again!
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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