Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!!! It's been a nice week. I have been loving the longer days and seeing the sun this week! As usual, I am linking up with  AndreaNarci, and Erika to share a few of my Friday Favorites. Just a random assortment of things that made me happy this week!
Hands down my favorite part of this week was celebrating World Down Syndrome Day on Tuesday. I shared a blog post all about my sister Emma and the response I got was just awesome!
If you missed my post, you can check it out here.
And then I saw an Instagram post from my favorite local shop, Research & Design. There was the sweetest little girl in a "21" shirt. Come to find out the shop had these "21" shirts made to help raise awareness for Down Syndrome. I mean my heart could not be more full! I went right out and got mine!
Then I messaged the mom of the sweet little inspiration behind the shirts. I wanted to share my story about Emma and learn more about her sweet Shea.  It was such an amazing day and I was so happy to share more of Emma with the world and to meet Shea (if only through Instagram). I sure hope I can meet her in person someday!
ps... The "21" is symbolic of the 21st chromosome. The embryo has three copies of chromosome 21 instead of the usual two. This is why World Down Syndrome Day was chosen to be celebrated on 3/21.
We may have finally turned the corner to warmer weather.....I hope!! This week it was so nice to see the blue sky and sun....even if it was still cold. But there is no snow in the forecast, so I think we are finally done! The blue sky & sun made me yearn for dinner from the grill, so Paul was out there in his ski coat and hat....grilling away!
Random pics of the kids this week.....
Ella has been wishing for Converse high top sneakers and she finally got a pair last week. She loves everything in the mint/teal color family, so of course that's the color she picked! She looked  adorable heading out to school in her head to toe teal!
And this guy.....Luke loves being in sports clothes most days, but give him a reason to "dress handsome" and he is all over it! I bought him a sport coat last year and he takes his handsomeness to another level. He had a field trip to the local youth theater and they were told to wear theater attire and he picked out this outfit.
My last favorite this week hasn't happened yet..... it's just some excitement for our weekend plans! Paul and I are heading out to dinner with friends tonight for Local Restaurant Week. And tomorrow my brother and his family are coming in for the weekend. We are celebrating Luke's birthday and my nephew Nicholas' at a local Hibachi restaurant. The boys are so excited for dinner and even more excited for a cousins sleepover!
I hope you all have a fun weekend!! We have lots of goodeness planned for the blog next week....
Monday- 5 Meals for Your Family Table
Tuesday- Show & Tell Tuesday- My 5 Favorite Pictures (ok..maybe 10)
Wednesday- What's Up Wednesday
Thursday- March Book Review
Friday- Friday Favorites
Be sure to stop back next week... there's always room for one more at our family table.

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  1. That post about your sister is so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend!