Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites.....Still waiting on Spring!

Happy St. Patrick's Day friends!! St. Patty's Day on a Friday....does it get any better???  Someone get me a green beer, because......Friday I have been waiting for you! This has just felt like a long week! Between the time change and this crazy snowstorm, I have been looking forward to this weekend for what feels like a really long time!
 Now let's get into some Friday Favorites! I am linking up with  AndreaNarci, and Erika to share a few of my favorites from this week.
These Strawberry Oat Bars are one of my favorites to make. They are made with some simple ingredients and are perfect as a treat after school or for something sweet with brunch.
 You can easily sub in any berry... I have made them with raspberries too and they are delish! You can grab the recipe here. ps...I don't do the vanilla glaze...they are sweet enough with the berries.
Snow Days...kind of! I love the kids' faces when they find out they have a snow day! I love the extra time they get to hang out with my parents for the day! And I love the extra time with them! I just don't love that it's still snowing in the middle of March! But we made the best of it! The first night our good friends came over for pizza, wine and some laughs!  The second day the kids did some science experiments, played about 28 games of Chutes & Ladders, and of course played in the snow!
St. Patrick's Day!! The kids set their traps last night, but they didn't catch the leprechaun. He did leave his signature breakfast for them! I shared some of our shenanigans yesterday.
So excited for the start of March Madness! I love watching basketball the next couple weeks. The kids filled out their brackets and both came down to the same two teams in the final, but each picked a different winner. So Villanova and Louisville....this house thinks you guys are going far. As for me, I have been a Duke girl since my high school days!
Working on some plans for Luke's 8th Birthday party! He decided on doing a Lego theme party. I honestly think he decision had a lot to do with buying the Lego brick candy! Luke loves candy anything, so once he stumbled across those, he was sold! He has never met a candy he didn't like...well except black jelly beans.
And I can't even with him....those cheeks and that sweater! 💚
This weekend is another long training run, lots of basketball watching, and putting out some Spring & Easter decorations (even if Mother Nature is not playing along)! I hope you all have a fun & relaxing weekend and we will see you on Monday with Five Meals for Your Family Table......there's always room for one more at our family table.
ps... Also linking up with Smidge of This for 5 on Friday!


  1. Ooh a Lego party would be fun! :) I think I'm with him on liking almost anything candy related. haha

    Lauren @

  2. LOVE legos, my boys are teens now but I have them all saved for future grandkids, lol. Happy weekend!!

  3. Yum those strawberry oat bars look delicious! I will have to give them a try. Have a wonderful weekend!