Thursday, March 23, 2017

Luke's 7th Birthday....Touchdown!

I am planning Luke's 8th birthday party details and thought it would be fun to share some of the details from this 7th birthday. I just started blogging last fall, so I haven't blogged about his parties yet... and I know I am always looking for fun themes & ideas!
Luke was really into football last year and wanted a football party. His vision was to have a football game with his friends in the yard and that was our plan. I had ideas for football themed snacks....he wanted pizza... and good friends playing football.
Then I saw the 10 day forecast. It was going to be snowing and 20 April. The outdoor game went out the window and I got to searching for football things we could do inside!
I made a "goal post" out of yellow ballons and an empty wrapping paper roll covered in yellow paper. It turned out pretty cool!
I put a green plastic table cloth as a backdrop and hung some of this favorite team pennants. The sides are just streamers that I tape at the top, twist on the way down and tape at the bottom. I used his favorite team colors. I love how it looks and have done this for a few parties. Bonus... at .99 a roll it's an inexpensive way to add some fun to the party!
Each boy had a "football", we blindfolded them and they had to pin the ball between the posts
Obviously there was a lot of "dabbing"! 
Luke has an artistic side to him...loves to draw and color. I thought it would be cool for the boys to design their own jerseys. I grabbed poster board at the dollar store and cut them into jersey shapes, then added their last names with sticky letters.
They asked for logos of their favorite teams to add, so I printed those out. 
We had a snack bar with some favorite ball park snacks....
And the boys took home Super Bowl Rings (ring pops), penalty flags (rubberball wrapped in felt), and a football cup filled with some football candies & a mini ball.
 This was my attempt at making a cake look like a football field.... and yes it made for some green mouths!
 And eye black was a hit under everyone's eyes! 
So even if our original plan didn't work out.. we still scored a touchdown with this fun party!
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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