Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday....Favorite Kids Parties!

Hi's Show & Tell Tuesday! Twice a month I link up with Andrea to share some fun stuff! Here is a peek at this year's topics.
This week's topic is favorite kids parties! I was so excited about this one, because I sure do love a good theme party! Not only was I excited to share some of my favorites, but I cannot wait to read everyone else's ideas too!! So here's a peek at some of my favorites....
My favorite birthday party was probably Ella's Hollywood theme party last year. It was so much fun!
 A little glitz....
and a chocolate fountain!
 I did a blog post on all the details from this fun party, along with my favorite party budget/decorating tips. You can check it out by clicking this link.
Luke's football party was so fun last year too! He wanted to play football with his friends, but it was forecasted to be freezing and snowing (in April!). So we improvised with some fun indoor football stuff. I cut a jersey-like shape out of some posterboard, put the boys' last names on them and they designed their own jersey!
Then with a make shift goal post we pinned the football between the posts!
And had some game time snacks...
We asked the boys to wear their favorite jerseys and of course applied some "eye black"!
And I can't talk about favorite kids parties without our annual Mom & Daughter Gingerbread Party! For the last 5 years, Ella and I have hosted this for some of our neighbors and good friends. 
It's my favorite holiday tradition! A sweet afternoon with good friends and the chance to brighten Christmas for a family in need. Each year we partner with a local organization and ask our guests to bring some gifts to fill a family's wish list. You can check out all the details here.

Do you have any fun party ideas to share? I am always looking for new ideas!  Have a great Tuesday friends & we will see you tomorrow for our weekend wrap up.....there's always room for one more at our family table. 


  1. LOVE the Hollywood theme! SO cute! My oldest daughter wants a movie/hollywood theme next year. Love how you did the letters on your walkway!

    1. Thank you Mel!! It was such a fun party! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. These are so cute! I absolutely love the Hollywood theme!