Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday....March Edition

Happy Wednesday friends!! It's time to link up with ShayMel and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday!
 A fun monthly post where we share what's happening in life lately.
What we're eating this week......  
A little bit of everything! One last crock pot meal and some new, fresh Spring dishes!

All simple, fresh and healthy dishes! I shared my meal plan for the week on Monday. You can check it out here. I shared recipes too!
What I'm reminiscing about......
Last month's vacation. This month has been so cold and grey...I am missing the sunshine & outdoor fun!

What I'm loving......
This mascara....Superhero from It Cosmetics.  I have tried lots of different ones over the years and this one is hands down my favorite!!
What we've been up to......
March was pretty low key for us and I loved it! We got to do what we wanted, when we wanted. We saw a few movies, had dinner with friends, hit up a local trampoline park and enjoyed the start of warmer weather!
Paul and I ran the local Shamrock Run.... it was 15 degrees, but lots of fun! 
Luke worked on some science experiments....on one of 4 days school was cancelled due to weather! 
We celebrated St Patrick's Day with lots of green and lots of shenanigans! 
And we celebrated Dr Seuss' birthday with Cindy Loo Who and The Lorax. 

What I'm dreading......
Honestly.... the 20 mile run I have on my training schedule next month. I have to stop thinking about it... it's definitely a mental thing. I just need to do it and get over it! It's the longest run of my training, so I guess if I can get through that one, maybe I really can run this marathon!

What I'm working on......
I am putting together some ideas for meal prep, kids lunch ideas, and kids snack ideas for April. I know towards the end of the school year we get bored with the same old things, so hoping to give a little inspiration during this time of year!

What I'm excited about......
Watching this little blog of mine grow!! I just started blogging about 6 months ago. My way of sharing a little of our life with the world. It has turned out to be a fun outlet for me and I have loved connecting with other bloggers. My first month I was so excited to have 15 people view my first post! Each month it has steadily grown and we grew to over 8,000 views last month! It's just crazy! And really exciting to me!  I try to be consistent and share some things that will be helpful or fun to read. Looking forward to keeping this little blog of mine growing! This was my first post......
.....and I have written 117 posts since then! 

What I'm watching/reading......
Paul and I love Homeland and Billions, both on Showtime. They are two of our favorites! Earlier this month I finally caught up and finished This is Us. I cried at every episode....every single one. But it is just so well written and I love all the characters. The episode of William and Randall in Memphis was hands down my favorite episode!
I am just wrapping up The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams. It's the third book I have read from her this year and I have loved every one! And I cannot wait to read The Lucky Few.
I am sharing my book review here tomorrow, and if you missed last month's you can catch up here.

What I'm listening to......
Again, always my hardest topic. I am just not a huge music person. I like music and dancing but am not obsessed. I think I have shared this before, but I love silence in the car! That being said, I have been rocking out to Pandora's Justin Timberlake radio while running!
Now if only he could just run with me 😉
What I'm wearing......
 I have talked about this wrap before and I am going to talk about it again! It is just a great piece this time of year! I have it in two colors... pale pink and light grey. They have a bunch of great new colors for Spring in shop at Research & Design.
And that necklace is from Stella &'s reversible and I just love it!
There is the wrap... wearing it all kinds of ways! You need one in your life 😊
What I'm doing this weekend......
Oh gosh we have a busy weekend ahead! Friday night the kids have Spring Fling at their school & I am volunteering. Saturday the kids are having a sleepover at my parents and Paul & I are heading out with some friends. This is the year of  turning 40 for me and many of my sweet friends. So we are off to celebrate with one of my friends since kindergarten! Going to be such a fun day! And then Sunday we are celebrating Luke's 8th birthday with some of his buddies for a Lego lunch...
and then celebrating again at dinner with my parents and sister! Whew! We are packing it in this weekend!

What I'm looking forward to next month......
Lots of fun and celebrations in April! We celebrate Luke's birthday and both of my parents and my sister in law's birthdays too! We also host Easter brunch every year! Ella has a dance competition and Luke will play his first baseball game! After a fairly quiet first few months of the year I am ready for some celebrating and watching the kids do their thing!

What else is new......
Not too much.... March was a nice, low key month!

Bonus Question
What's Your Favorite Spring Wardrobe Piece?
Hands down my military jacket. It is the best neutral color, lightweight and has great pockets! I wear it nearly everyday in the Spring!
So there it is.... a little What's Up with me for your Wednesday! I hope you all had a great March too! See you tomorrow for my Monthly Book Review.....there's always room for one more at our family table.


  1. I love the Superhero mascara!! It works super well and doesn't dry out really fast.

  2. First time to read your blog and I am loving it....Especially the healthy meal suggestions. Will be checking in on a regular basis from now on.

    1. Thanks for the sweet comments Dawn... I am glad you found us! We share our weekly menu plan every Monday morning.

  3. I've been following you for a couple of months now. I've made a few of the recipes too. Thanks for the great posts.

    1. Oh Kathy I am happy to hear you have tried a few! Thanks for stopping by to say hi!