Thursday, April 27, 2017

April Book Review

It's the last Thursday of the month & time for my monthly book review!  I am linking up with Narci over at Grace and Love Blog for her monthly Carpool Book Club.  Be sure to check out her blog for all her picks too!!
                                       If you missed the last few, you can catch up below.....
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So this was a really slow month for me in the reading world! April was a pretty busy month with Luke's birthday, Easter, dance competition, lots of running and a pretty crazy couple weeks at work. I just didn't seem to have too much time this month and a few times I sat down to read, my mind was racing over things I had to do! #nofun
I did get through 2 books and I loved them both! And I am also going to list out a few that are on my "To Read" list. I have a list of books that friends have recommended or I saw another bloggers review on and I refer back to it as I choose my next books.
Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams.
My fourth book from her this year and she did not disappoint! I really loved this one. It was set in two different time periods and on two different continents. It told the stories of Annabelle & Pepper and how their lives intertwined. It had a bit of mystery, romance and I really did not know how it would end. I loved the character Pepper from the book Tiny Little Thing, so I was so excited to read about her again. If you have read others from Beatriz Williams, you will love this one too. And if you have not read anything from her yet... what are you waiting for?
Oh my goodness.This story is one of the sweetest I have ever read.... and I just want to meet Heather, Josh and their three little loves. This book is a quick read and every page will just melt your heart and give you inspiration and marvel at the goodness of people in the world. Heather & Josh struggled with infertility and God showed them the path to adoption, not once, but three times. And two of their babies have Down Syndrome. My favorite part of the book is where she writes about the connection to other moms & families that are blessed with that extra chromosome. It's like a secret club... the best club... one that changes your life forever. I blogged a bit about that last month... you can read it here if you missed it. This book was just so simply wonderful!
On my list......
What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
Calling me Home by Julie Kibler
You will Know Me by Megan Abbott
Good as Gone by Amy Gentry
What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan
There are lots more, but these are at the top! Any thoughts on these?? Any recommendations I should add to my list? Summer is coming, so hopefully that equals more reading time!
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.... there's always room for one more at our family table.

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