Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Easter Traditions

Easter is coming up soon and I thought I would share some of our Easter traditions. Easter can be a bit of a crazy time of year here between the weather and birthdays! We have had Easters with 80 degree temps and we have had snow on Easter morning! And we have 5 family birthdays between March 29 and April 22 so we are always celebrating something!
This little guy celebrating his first Easter at 9 days old!
And this is Ella with her first Easter basket!
The past couple years we have tried to visit the Broadway Market. For those of you that are not local, this is a local market in a traditionally Polish neighborhood and it is the place to be during the Easter season! Between homemade sausages, meats, pierogi, and pastries....this place is just nuts in the days leading up to Easter! Paul is not one for crowds so we try to hit it on an off day!
We try to visit the Easter Bunny, however last year the kids did not want to visit (insert tears here). At least I have pictures to look at from the littler years...
Some years it went better than others!
The kids love dying eggs each year. And I mean LOVE. They would color a hundred if I let them! Are your kiddos as passionate about their egg dying? 
 A few egg dying tips...
Last year I saw these plastic-like eggs at Walmart that claimed you could dye them. I thought they were genius, until they did not really absorb any color. Boo!
Always boil more than you think you need. Like I said, mine love to color so I just give them 2 dozen each... crazy I know!
Target always has the most adorable egg kits
You can shop them here.

When the kids were little we visited the Botanical Gardens. They have a beautiful Spring flower display and lots of little chicks and farm animal for the kids to check out.
When Ella was about 2 years old, she loved the show Max & Ruby. The characters were little bunnies and there was an Easter episode about the chocolate chicken. Obviously it was kind of odd for the bunnies to eat chocolate bunnies, so the Easter Bunny delivered chocolate chickens. 5 days before Easter, Ella told everyone she was getting a chocolate chicken for Easter just like Max & Ruby......
and with a team of very supportive helpers the Easter Bunny delivered....
And has brought a chocolate chicken every year since! Funny how traditions start like that!
I try to get Easter pics every year.... some years I am more successful than others!
And I host Easter Brunch every of my favorite things to do!
Bunny pancakes are always served Easter Weekend!
We try to pack in lots of fun around the Easter season. Any fun traditions or special things you do with your kids? I am always looking for fun new ideas!
See you tomorrow... we are sharing all the details from Luke's Lego party....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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