Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites.... Yay for a 3 Day Weekend!

It's Friday!!! 
Whew... the last weekend of May! And the official kickoff weekend of Summer. But I tell you.. .this darn forecast is not what I call Summer. I feel like we have been stuck under a gray rain cloud all month! I am so ready for is my favorite time of year and this pretty much sums up why....
As always, I am linking up with some of my favorite blogging friends, AndreaNarci, and Erika to share a few of my Friday Favorites. A random list of things that made me happy this week!
Watching this boy play baseball. Now I feel like we do that nearly everday, but it doesn't get old. It is his 5th year playing and it's been cool to watch him progress each year. They really "get it" this year and have made some great plays.
Cherries!!! Luke asked me to get cherries the other day, so I grabbed some that night....and they were gone in minutes. The next day I bought more....and well we ate our way through 3 lbs of cherries in 24 hours. 
While the weather has been pretty meh around here, Tuesday night was beautiful. And somehow we did not have any activities, so we took advantage! I made dinner, packed it up and we headed to the boat to dine al fresco.
We played some cards, ate dinner and enjoyed a beautiful Tuesday night.
I joined Andrea over at Momfessionals for Show & Tell Tuesday. This week's topic was Travelogues and I had so much fun looking through old vacation pics.
 I highlighted our most beautiful, most memorable and best family vacation. My most memorable had a pretty funny story about how my life changed on my first ever camping trip. If you missed it, you can catch up here.
Yesterday I shared my May book review. Three great reads, including this one, which is a top 
contender for my favorite of 2017!
You can check out my review here.  And I am on the search for great Summer reads... so drop your favorites in the comments!
And this is marathon weekend. The marathon I was training to run in...but now I can't due to a darn injury. I was pretty bummed about it, but what can I do? I have been resting my foot and it's starting to feel better, and hoping to run again soon....and get another race on the calendar. 
For now I will reminisce to last years marathon weekend and root on my girl Kelly who will be running her first full marathon. We ran the half together last year!
Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend???
We have got baseball, soccer, dance, and more baseball... all pending on the weather! 
Hoping to get out on the water at some point! And of course we will be grilling all weekend....
Maybe these Greek Burgers again, because they were so good!
I shared the details on these in our Meal Planning post.
Have a fun weekend and we will see you on Monday!
There's always room for one more at our family table!


  1. So jealous of that gorgeous boat! My kids would LOVE eat g dinner on that I'm sorry about your injury. That must be so frustrating.

    1. Girl I am jealous of your weekends down at the Jersey shore... I'll trade you for a bit :)

  2. That's a bummer you are injured! I love to run too, but I'm on a couple month hiatus at the moment.

    Those cherries look tasty. Have a nice extended weekend!

    1. Thanks! And yes those cherries are amazing... thanks for stopping by!