Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday Talk.....Life with a Dog

Hi friends! I am linking up with  Erika Ashley for Tuesday Talk. A monthly link up where we can talk about any and everything!
Let's talk about life with a dog! For years, my kids begged for a puppy. I have never been  a "dog person", so I admit I kept brushing off their requests. But then Paul and I talked about and we decided to go for it. The kids seemed the right age and knew they would love growing up with a dog. So two years ago on Easter we told the kids we were getting a puppy! They were over the moon excited.....
Madeline Stella Perryman.... Maddie was the cutest little puppy..... 
..she was not a fan of anything warm... blankets, carpet or her bed. She loved being on cold, hard surfaces. 
And we would find her sleeping in the funniest places! 
They were smitten! 
And I was like...holy cow this is a lot of work! We were pretty fortunate with the the whole house training bit. Yes, we had our share of accidents, but I have heard much worse stories! It was the constant care that threw me for a loop! As a puppy we had to let her out every 2-3 hours. Thank goodness for great neighbors and my parents! But we got through all that... and then we had a new set of challenges...chewing things....
....and shedding!
I tell you if there was a patch of mud anywhere near our house...she would find it!
She could shred a towel in seconds!
And twice a year she sheds her coat!
I will tell you the first year was challenging, but these kids would not know what to do without her. 
And I have completely become a dog person. I mean you can't help but feel loved when you see such excitement from her everytime she sees you! She is pretty much my shadow too.... there are days I feel like I am tripping over her!
She loves being outside and loves being with us.. whether that's in the yard, in the snow, on the boat or hanging out in the family room.
One thing that has amazed me is she can sense when something is not right. One day Ella was home sick from school and Maddie did not leave her side....
And while I was home recovering from surgery, she stayed right by me....
She hears that school bus and runs to wait for the kids to come home....
Gosh I had no idea how much love a fuzzy, little puppy could bring to our house. I am so glad we got our Maddie. The kids will have such great memories of their childhood dog...and I will too!
See you tomorrow for our Weekend Wrap Up!
There's always room for one more at our family table.

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