Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up.....Mother's Day Edition!

We had a busy weekend catching up on lots of games that had been rained out! Here's a little recap of last weekend.
Friday afternoon I popped into Luke's class for a Mother's Day Tea. It was a sweet afternoon filled with a great song (and dance moves) and lots of homemad cards & gifts!
After school the kids had friends over and played outside.... Yay for no rain!
Friday night I had no desire to cook....which is rare for we went out for chicken wings. My  favorite local wing spot has a bunch of random video games too, so the kids were so excited! 
After dinner I was couldn't keep my eyes open tired....and went to bed at 8;15. I slept so hard until 5:15am. Not sure if I am coming down with something, as I still don't feel great, but I sure needed that early bedtime!
Saturday morning I started a new book....and finished it on was that good!
And my nail polish matched the cover! #itsthelittlethings
Then it was off to watch the kids do their thing. 
Ella was up first, with her first ever soccer game. She was not feeling the uniform, so she jazzed it up with a side tie and a matching headband.
She did really well for her first game... we were so proud of her!
Then off to the ballpark for the first of Luke's games. This one was for the Nationals and he was looking good in his red uniform.
He and his teammates did great! I got to see a few good hits from him and he made some great plays at first base.
I snuck home to get dinner ready before game #2. I made these BBQ Chicken Burgers and they were amazing! I shared the recipe earlier this week in my meal planning post.
After a quick dinner, it was off for game #2 ..... under the lights! This was with his travel team and they played a really strong team. The boys did their best and it was neat to watch them play under the lights.
We were all tired and freezing after that game, so it was straight to bed!
I was so excited to get some really sweet cards and gifts on Sunday morning.
The homemade cards are just my favorite!
And I got a cute new Yeti to keep my Summer drinks extra cold!
We met my brother and his family at my parents and celebrated Mother's Day with a yummy brunch! 
A pretty great weekend! 
See you tomorrow... there's always room for one more at our family table.

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