Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up.... Dance, Dance Dance!

Hey friends.... it's almost the weekend and I am here just getting a chance to recap last weekend! It feels like an extended weekend, as Paul's parents are in visiting so it still feels weekend-ish. Here's a peek at our weekend. 
I kind of feel like it started on Thursday night, as Bud & Sylvia came in that day. I was off to dress rehearsal with Ella that night. Look at her walking in... we sure look like we know what we are doing! But don't be fooled... we had a hair malfunction!
She was doing so well through the first few dances until we had a bun catastrophe! Any dance mom out there can feel me! I could see it moving while she was dancing and there were literally bobby pins flying across the stage. She was giving me the "ugh mom" my bun is falling out look from stage. I met her backstage and we thought we fixed it and then her next dance it came out.... again. By the fourth dance I gave up and just put it in a ponytail and for the fifth dance it was it my own creation.
Perfect Bun.... Ponytail... I give up! Ha! 
She was a trooper through it all! I got some bun advice from some of the older girls and felt ready like I had a better game plan for recital night!
We rushed home after 4 hours of rehearsal to change and head to the ball park to see Luke play. There is just something about a little league game under the lights... so fun!
Friday night we went to recital night number one and Ella was leaping for joy over the amazing bun I created! I felt like leaping too!
                                  Ella had a soccer game on Saturday afternoon, as well as recital. She really wanted her Grandma & Grandpa to see her play soccer, so she played until halftime. And.. she almost scored a goal!! It was pretty exciting!
A quick shower, another solid bun and a whole lot of glitter and we were ready for recital #2! 
She did an amazing job! Especially considering the darn hat kept falling in her eyes and she pretty much did the whole dance like this....
But it's easy to keep smiling when you have the best cheerleaders out there!
We all came back to the house for pizza and a cookie cake to celebrate a fun dance season! Then, as if the day wasn't full enough...Paul and I were off to the baseball fundraiser with good friends. It was a fun night out for sure! Sunday I planned to get back to running again. I am still bummed that I missed the marathon because of my injury and have been itching to get back out there. So early Sunday morning I met my girlfriend for a great run and coffee. The best start to the week!
We were so excited to just relax Sunday out on the boat. But when we got to the marina it was so darn windy we couldn't go out.  It was still sunny and beautiful though, so we just hung out on the boat and played some Uno. 
We took a walk to the lighthouse and climbed all the stairs to the top! 
I haven't been up there in a while and forgot what a neat view it is! 
And then it was another baseball game that night! Another win for Luke and his team, so we capped off the weekend with a stop for ice cream!
We had a great weekend and I think Grandma and Grandpa are all caught up on the kids' stuff... they got in lots of baseball, dance and soccer! 
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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