Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up.....Concert Weekend!

It was a super fun weekend for me! 26 years ago, my mom took me to see NKOTB and Friday night we went again! Never in a million years did I think we would be seeing them again in concert....but we did! It was the Total Package tour that featured NKOTB with Boyz II Men and Paul Abdul. It literally took me right back to 1990!
It was a blast and I could not get over all the women wearing their old denim vests with the big buttons from back in the 80's! My favorite part of the night was Boyz II Men, but I have to give props to NKOTB....these guys are pushing 50 years old and they were singing and dancing for nearly 2 hours!  And I also have to give props to the 9 guys we was pretty much all screaming females...all around 40 years old. My mom joked she was the oldest one there and Ella the youngest!
We did have the best time! 
Saturday morning we were off to watch Luke play ball! There is a new smoothie shop in town that we have been wanting to try out, so Ella and I grabbed one on our way. They were so good!!
We moved right from baseball to soccer. It was Ella's last game of the season and they celebrated with a pizza party after. That's my little #49!
It was her first year playing on a team sport and she did great!! So proud of her.
Then it was another baseball game... and I have to confess.....Ella and I skipped it. She has been to so many games and I just needed to catch up around the house! 
Sunday was the playoff day for Luke's travel team. They played their best, but lost in the first game. It was our first time in a playoff/tournament and I loved that the game started with the National Anthem.
He had such a great season with an amazing group of kids and coaches.
So proud of him!
The kids played in the yard and I finished up some laundry.
 Then Maddie's friend Arthur came over to play.....
And we were all tuckered out from a fun weekend!
Have a great Tuesday. See you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday.....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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