Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday.....Summertime!

Happy Wednesday friends! It is Workin' It Wednesday. A monthly link up with Shay & ErikaSharing tips for working mamas on keeping it together.......
Today's topic is keeping the kids busy during the Summer. Now for me, it's not so much an issue of keeping them busy, but keeping them fed....
I am sure all you Mamas out there feel me on this one! But I guess what it comes down to is they are "bored" so they eat!
We are really a laid back Summer family. I don't like to schedule a ton of stuff. I don't sign them up for a million camps. I am pretty much a play outside til the sun sets, swim all day, float in the lake, ride bikes, make s'mores, and have lemonade stands kind of Summer mom. 
I do work full time outside of the home, so they spend a lot of time with my parents. My mom was an elementary school teacher, so she does offer a pretty great Summer program for the kids. Ha! And they have a great pool and waterslide.... and the best snacks according to the kids!
Seriously though, they have their Summer traditions with my parents and sister.... trips to the zoo, museums, movies, park, lots of swimming, and every year they take a trip downtown to visit my Aunt at work. We are so fortunate that E&L can go to Camp Granny & Papa each year!

These are just a few of our Summer Fun To Do's...
Trip to the Dollar Store
Lemonade Stand
Ice Cream for Breakfast
"Chopped" in the Sandbox (kids make sand creations and we judge)
Water Ballon Fight
Slip N Slide
4th of July Parade
Minor League Baseball Game
Bike ride to town for lunch
Drive In Movie night
Craft Store for Supplies
We just love Summer and try to soak up every second of it and we are lucky to do so by the water.
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See you tomorrow. We are sharing some fun details from our dance weekend!! There's always room for one more at our family table.


  1. I love reading about your kids and seeing the photographs. They seem like such nice kids. My youngest just finished his first year of college, and reading your posts brings back memories of not so long ago.