Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites

Is this really the last weekend of July?? I feel like we were just in red, white & blue watching fireworks on the 4th!
And to be honest, am not really sure where this week went! Just three favorites today, as I link up with some of my favorite blogging friends, AndreaNarci, and Erika.

We went to The Taste of Orchard Park on Wednesday and we sure tasted! Crab cakes, BBQ pork tacos, spaghetti parm, apple cider donuts, hot pepper cheesesteaks, cinnamon rolls and more! So fun to eat lots of good food and see lots of friends and neighbors. But I tell you....Spaghetti Parm is not an easy dish to eat on the go!
Thank goodness for extra napkins!
And how about this dessert spread??
We tried the lemon raspberry cake and Ella got a cinnamon roll, which was warm out of the oven and I think her reaction shows just how amazing it was!
Last night Ella and I went to watch my sister Emma play soccer.  The girls warmed up together....
and she played a great game!
The last week of the month always has some of my favorite posts.
We shared some of our favorite apps for Show & Tell Tuesday. And by apps I am talking about those for the phone...not some amazing dip recipe 😉
What's Up Wednesday was a fun recap of what we have been up to this month! A whole lot of Summer everything!!
And Thursday I shared my latest  Book Review.

Tonight we are off to the Ice Cream Social in town. Such a cute night at the old train station with ice cream and friends! That's a winning combination!
Have the best weekend friends.
See you next week....there's always room for one more at our family table!


  1. Your town sure does seem to have some amazing ideas for enjoying the summer! I made homemade cinnamon rolls for the first time this week and they were delish, too!

    1. Thanks Laura! Yes we sure do love our town! And yay for your cinnamon rolls!! I love all things cinnamon!