Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Road Trip Tips!

As we gear up for our last Summer getaway, I just want to say that my crew loves a good road trip!

My kids have been travelling in the car since they were babies and they actually prefer it to flying! Although nothing beats how cute two little ones are rolling their suitcases through the airport!
Both Paul & I have fun memories of car time when we were younger. Paul and his family always made the drive to Florida from New York. My family's big road trip was to the lake each year. I remember getting up early to leave and laying down to sleep in the big, blue station wagon! Good road trips lead to fun stories!
So as we get ready to head out (on a short road trip), I thought I would share some of my road trip tips!
A few things to always have on hand in the car.
1. Roll of Paper Towels
2. Wipes... to wipe your hands... wipe a spill....just have wipes!
3. Bags... for trash, stuff, or the dreaded "Mom I don't feel so good".....have bags on hand.
4. Tissues
5. Ibuprofen, Dramamine, Band-Aids
6. Plastic cups & Sandwich Bags perfect for doling out snacks or holding toys pieces/parts. I always bring along some assorted plastic utensils too.

So let's be honest, the highlight of the road trip is the snacks along the way!
 There are a few tips I want to share on car snacks. Let me start by saying mine may look different than most for two reasons.
1.My husband's car is off limits to all food and drink every other time of the year. #noimnotkidding
Even as babies... no snacks in the car. If you start to show signs of dehydration, water may be offered, but otherwise his car is not a snackbar. It's just how it kids understand this... I understand this... my friends understand this. Ok..maybe understand is a bit rash...we accept it. My car is a slightly different story.
2. I try to keep healthier snacks on hand for a few reasons... I don't like to feel like junk because I ate junk....I don't need the sugar rush and the sugar crash from the kids.
Now that I have my disclaimers out of the way, this is what we packed for our 20 hour road trip to Florida last time....
You probably think we have enough food for weeks....we do always have extra, and that we eat the first few days of vacation. I guess I like to have choices.
These are a few of our road trip favorites.
Fruits- apples, grapes and clementines. Apples are a quick easy snack, I have the grapes all washed, and the clementines peeled and bagged.
Veggies- cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, carrot sticks and sliced bell peppers are some of our favorites. I sometimes bring individual servings of hummus or guacamole for dipping.
Cheesesticks, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs all make great snacks too!
We bring some sort of nut, usually cashews, and some pretzel sticks.
For drinks it's just bottled water and seltzer. 
The Swedish Fish are a a road trip necessity in our book!
We usually get on the road pretty early... like 4.30-5am, and the kids will sleep the first few hours.
They will snack on some fruit and then we stop for a bigger breakfast mid-morning. We try to snack throughout the day and then stop one more time to eat a later dinner around 7 or 8.
My little secret is a gas station stop late afternoon. I let the kids pick out one snack of their choice and it is usually something very random and something I would not normally buy at home. And it may just be the highlight of their trip! They had their first and last Pop Tart at a gas station in North Carolina a few years ago... they were not fans.
As far as entertainment we do a few things. First, we always take a trip to Barnes & Noble before we leave. Everybody gets a few new books or magazines for the ride. 
When they were younger, they loved sticker books! Those occupied them for hours! Next up is some new movies. I like to check the local library or the $5 movie sections at Target. Another thing I have done on the return trip is grabbed a movie at Redbox where we were visiting and can just return it when we get home. A couple fresh coloring books or paper and my crew is pretty set to travel. Of course the license plate game is always good to pass the time!
So there you have it. We keep it pretty simple and try to make it more of an adventure than a "ugh we have to drive 20 hours". 
Here's to lots more road trips & memories with my crew!
See you tomorrow, there's always room for one more at our family table.

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