Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ella's 8th Birthday... Paris Art Party

We are in Ella's Birthday month and working on the fun details for her Fixer Upper/DIY theme 10th birthday party. Last year we went to Hollywood to celebrate & I shared the details on that fun party.

Two years ago she was all about Paris. She still is in love with Paris....the #1 item on her list to Santa last year was two tickets to Paris. We came up with a Paris inspired art party and did the party in black, white and pops of pink.
When she woke up on her birthday morning, I had the table decked out for her....
I got those wooden signs at Hobby Lobby and she hung them in her bedroom. She has a whole collection of Paris things. 
We decorated with lots of black & white. I got most of the party decor at Hobby Lobby.
I made the cake and tried to make it as girly as I could...I loved how it turned out! 
She was a very happy 8 year old! 
I have shared this tip before, but that black & white check hanging on the wall is a framed print that I covered in wrapping paper. I always have a drink/snack station set up there for parties and cover the print with some fun wrapping paper to match the theme! 
Each girl had their own place set up with a white initial. I got the letters at Hobby Lobby too. I used a plate to give them some paint color options, a small cup of water to rinse their brush, and some sparkly jewels to add if they wanted. 
Ella picked the menu...."Bonjour Burgers", French Fries, and Watermelon. I found those little black cups at Party City. I added a pink napkin and filled with the fries and they looked super cute. We had watermelon because that is Ella's most favorite thing in the whole world and she asks for it as a part of every birthday meal! 
Such a sweet group of girls! 
Here is Ella with her finished design. I had the girls paint first, so the letters could dry. They had fun with the letters, trying to spell out words! 
And they went home with the most adorable cookie favors.....
So while we may not have made it to Paris yet, this was a super fun theme to celebrate with!
See you tomorrow, there's always room for one more at our family table.

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