Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Favorites...Goodbye Summer Edition!

Happy Friday friends! Between coming back from vacation, the Labor Day holiday and school starting, this was a fast week! I can't believe I am already linking up with some of my favorite blogging friends, AndreaNarci, and Erika to share my favorites!

So this is like one big favorite wrapped into one post. Last week we took off to explore Canandaigua Lake. One last hurrah for Summer. Paul's family was having a reunion that weekend, so we went a few days early. We are always on the search for a great spot on the water....Paul and I say it's our retirement research. We were on the road bright and early to get to the lake. We got there, put the boat in the water and were floating along the lake by 9am.
It was beautiful, but kind of chilly. Luke was huddled in his sweatshirt, and he's a kid who lives in shorts and no jacket. It was cold.
It really is a beautiful lake!
We checked into our hotel and my brother and his family came to meet us for dinner. The kids thought they would look cool with their shades on. #nailedit
We ate some great Mexican food and they came back to our hotel to catch up some more. The hotel is set at the head of the lake and has nearly 50 Adirondack chairs lined up, overlooking the lake. It's such a great spot to hang out!
The boys did a little night fishing.
Our second day was even colder than the first, so we made do with a trip to the playground.
Did some more fishing.
Had some snuggle time on the boat with fuzzy blankets.

and ate ice cream for dinner! I mean it was vacation.😉
Day 3 was chilly and overcast, so that called for a nice, big breakfast in town to start the day. We had some delicious crepes. Mine were filled with strawberries and,so good.
Then we explored the shops in town. Paul found this sign and to be clear, he requested his photo with it!
Luke was ecstatic to find a book shop.
And they each picked out something at this sweet little toy shop.
It was too cold for the pool or the boat, so the kids settled for the hot tub.
This guy finally caught a fish! And 4 more after that!
I spent most of the day in those awesome chairs...and read 3 books on this trip. Ella took this pic of me and said it would be good for my blog! Ha!
Friday night we joined Paul's family for dinner in a beautiful log cabin by the lake. We had a great meal, lots of laughs and spent some time by the fire. It was still so cold.
Oh and the pies! There is this famous bakery in wine country near the lake and they make the most amazing pies.
Saturday morning Paul and I celebrated our 17th anniversary! It may not have been the most romantic of days, but there is no one else I would rather grow old with.
We celebrated that afternoon at Paul's family's reunion. It was family from his mom's side. This pic is Paul with his godmother, Barbara Jean and his mom, who is Barbara Jean's godmother. 
The weather stayed cold and rainy for the weekend, so we got in lots of games of mahjong or the turtle game as the kids call it.
Aunt Shirley was our resident cruise director. She had all kinds of fun and games to keep busy and make us laugh. Here we are playing her version of the Newlywed game.
The kids absolutely loved her! 
Sunday night was so exciting for the kids. Paul's cousin Justin and his fiancee Monica asked the kids to be in their wedding next Fall. Luke will be the ring bearer and Ella a flower girl. So fun!! They were both so darn too!😉

Monday finally brought some sunshine and Paul took a dip in the COLD lake!
The winds were crazy though and we drove all over the lake trying to find a "calm" spot to hang out!
So while it may not have been the ideal weather vacation week, we still had the best time! It was fun to have some time away with my little crew and then have some time with Paul's family too. It was a great way to say goodbye to Summer 17!
And as much as I loved Summer....hate to see it go.....I have found myself getting pretty darn excited for all things Fall 😊
Have the best weekend friends! See you next week, there's always room for one more at our family table.

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