Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Favorites.....Hello September

Oh my goodness, how is it September 1st??? We are soaking up the last days before school starts with a getaway to the lake. A few more lazy days before school starts on Wednesday. As always, I am linking up with some of my favorite blogging friends, AndreaNarci, and Erika

I told you guys about Ella and her friend's plant watering business this Summer. Well they have saved all their money and are used it to organize an End of Summer kickball party on Sunday night. They planned all the details, made a flyer and said they were "sponsoring it".  Last week they delivered flyers to the neighbors. And with their sponsorship, they provided lemonade and freeze pops for all the kids that came.
 I mean could not love these two girls more! So many neighbors came and we met some new families.
They planned out how the teams would be picked. They had a bowl filled with pieces of paper that listed blue or red team and even wrote out a list of rules. The kids had a blast and then we decided to play parents vs. kids!  
We continued the fun after the sun went down. One of our neighbors invited everybody back to their house to hang out by the fire pit. It was such a great Summer Sunday. So proud of the girls for organizing it!
Last week of the month means some of my most favorite posts.
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On Thursday I shared my August Book Review.
 Time on the lake. My brother and his kids met us for dinner and it was so nice to catch up with them.
And the kids had a blast doing a little fishing.
Most of my blogging friends are in Texas. My heart breaks for the people in that area affected by Hurricane Harvey. Mix & Match Mama shared a post this week on how you can help.
 Please check it out and help if you can...and keep these families in your prayers.
Have a good weekend friends and we will see you next week. There's always room for one more at our family table.

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  1. Wow! That's awesome that your daughter and her friend used their hard earned money to sponsor a party for others!