Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Be kind.......

So I have started and stopped this post about 100 times. 
So many thoughts of sadness at the events in Las Vegas......and yet hope in humankind as I listened to stories of people helping strangers.
It's hard for me to even begin to understand what happens in someone's head that would cause them to execute an act of this magnitude. 
I remember the same thought when I sobbed in front of the news listening to the horror at Sandy Hook.....Virginia Tech....and Pulse Nightclub.
As I sent my two littles off to school yesterday morning, I thought of how their school life differs from mine.  They live in a world where "lockdown" and "active shooter drills" are part of their daily life. It's as normal to them as a fire drill was when I was in third grade. And it makes me sad & scared.
But I know I can't be scared and I can't be sad. That would be allowing hate to win and that cannot happen. 
I think about their future and I want better for them. 
So I can teach my children to be kind. 
Kind to the person that helps them at the checkout.
Kind to the server when eating at a restaurant.
Kind to the janitor that is cleaning their school.
Kind to the kid in class that needs a friend.
Kind to the older lady that smiles at them as if they are her own grandchildren.
Kind to the man that is delivering our mail.
Kind to the child screaming in the grocery store.
Kind to the person that looks different than them.
Kind to the person that may speak differently.
Kind to the person that may dress differently.
Just be kind never know what heartache someone may carry.