Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ella's10th Birthday....Fixer Upper Style

Well somehow my blue eyed baby has turned double digits!  She is the sweetest girl with the biggest heart and a love for all things DIY!
We took her pic right before bed...her last night as a 9 year old!

And when she woke up, we were ready to celebrate! I love making birthdays a special day. So I have the table decorated for their birthday morning each year. Nothing too crazy....a fun color table cloth, a birthday banner (usually the one I will use for the party), and I put a few presents out. I mean who doesn't want to walk downstairs on their birthday to presents!
So when Ella told me she wanted her theme to be inspired by Fixer Upper I was kind of excited. I mean, think like Joanna Gaines...ok..I'm in! My cousin owns a fabulous DIY shop, so we planned to have her party with some friends there to celebrate. 
We celebrated at home on her birthday night too. My parents & sister came over, we made her favorite dinner and had cake. I used a few of the things I bought for her DIY party to make the dining room fun on her birthday. I am a big fan of plastic table cloths for all my parties. You can get them in all sorts of colors for about $1 and wrap everything up and toss at the end!
The table runner & plates I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I used mason jars to keep forks, straws, etc. And I printed some pics of Chip & Joanna. Party City does not have a Fixer Upper themed section😉
Now onto the details of her party with friends. The girls were going to be designing something at the party, so I didn't need to send them home with a big party bag. We did little bags with a few chocolates & a hand sanitizer. I printed off the logo for Magnolia and put it on the bag. I found the ribbon at Walmart and it matched the theme colors perfectly!
I went to the party early with two of Ella's sweet friends to help put out a few decorations. The shop itself looks like you are on the set of Fixer Upper, so we did not need to much. 
We served lemonade in mason jars & made them even cuter with a big lemon slice on the side. Ella said that was how Joanna would do it.
Side note... I use mason jars a lot! You can get a pack of 12 for around $8-9 and they are so versatile for parties and decorating. 
Now if you follow this blog, then you know I used to own a cupcake bakery. With that being said, Ella requested Funfetti cupcakes.....from a box. And that is what she got. I put them on glass stand with a little burlap to bring that rustic look.
I brought some of my mason jars filled with flowers from home and added in Chip & will see them again later in this post.
It all looked so stinkin cute!  
The birthday girl loved it! How cute is her shirt? I had seen one similar on Pinterest and asked my cousin if she could make one similar. It was perfect!
The whole concept in the shop is DIY from start to finish. It is a pallet party kind of concept, where you pick your wood, sand it, assemble it, and paint. Local friends, if you have not been to Buffalo Collective, you should check them out!
First up the girls picked their pieces of wood and got to sanding.
Paul helped some of the girls with the nail gun.  
Once their boards were together, they chose a stain color and painted them.
While the boards dried, the girls had dinner. Ella wanted "Texas food", to go with her theme. So we went with pulled pork sliders & mac-n-cheese. They made a toast with their mason jar lemonade.
Next up they place their design on the board and painted.
And wouldn't you know....Chip & Joanna stopped by😉
Their designs were drying, so it was the perfect time to open some presents and sing Happy Birthday. She was one happy birthday girl!
Here is our big reveal. Each design was special to the girl that made it. I loved how they all took their designs and made them their own.
We had a blast! Ella has such a sweet group of friends.
So much fun at Buffalo Collective. I want to have a party with my friends soon....
We have shared a few of Ella's other parties too.
We have been to  Hollywood.
And to  Paris...
Have the best Thursday! See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites, there's always room for one more at our family table.

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  1. So many wonderful and fun ideas! My boys are just starting to outgrow parties... and while I miss those fun days of planning out the themed parties I know we'll still make fun memories together.