Thursday, November 16, 2017

A little life lately....

Happy Friday Eve friends!!
So I saw this the other day and it felt pretty accurate to me....
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Like how are we halfway through November and Thanksgiving is a week away???
I feel like these first two weeks of November have been kind of all over the board, so here is a post with a whole lot of  randomness.....things we have been up to, things we have been loving... a little life lately!
Paul & I went out with some good friends last weekend. It's offiically fur vest season and I was so excited to wear mine. I got it at Research & Design, one of my favorite local shops last year and I love it.
We tried out a fun new spot....Ru's Pierogi...and we ate all the pieorogis we could try!
Ella and I got out for some shopping.....
and she was so excited to finally see the line from Chip & Joanna at Target.
We hung our Christmas lights outside, but haven't "lit" them yet. I will wait on that until after Thanksgiving. We try to get it done before the first big snow...otherwise they will never get done! Now let me tell you, every year we put them up and I say to myself  "When we take them down, I am going to do it neatly so they are more organized next year." 
And every year I open my tote to this.
The truth is, when we take them down in mid-January it is usually 17 degrees out and I am just pulling them off and stuffing them in as fast as I can, so I can get back inside!
Luke made his First Reconciliation this week. He was a little nervous, but all went well.
So proud of him!
We have been filling in our Thankful tree.... lots of things to be thankful for.
If you missed my post on this tradition, you can check it out here.
Everyone in this house is obsessed with citrus fruits right now....
I mean we cannot get enough!!
Not sure about you, but this time of year my hands get so dry! I feel like it happens over night after that first cold day. This is my favorite hand cream and I like that there is not a powerful scent with it, so everyone in the house can use it. They have this as the cutest ornament at would be a great little gift add-on!
philosophy Hands Of Hope Ornament
And last night, Paul had a late meeting at work, so after dinner the kids and I went to the coffee shop in our village for hot cocoas. We had a sweet treat and the kids did their reading for school.
 A perfect night!
So there it is... a bit of this & that in our life lately.
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites, a big post on favorite gift ideas for girls! There's always room for one more at our family table.

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