Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Favorites....Gifts for Girls

Happy Friday friends!!!! I am so excited to link up with some of my favorite blogging friends, AndreaNarci, and Erika for Friday Favorites! Today I am sharing some of my favorite gifts for girls! And if you still need a gift idea for a hostess, I shared some fun ideas on that last week.

Before we get into gifts for girls... I have to share one little gift for moms....
I found this sweater at Target, on sale for $25 and I love it! It's so soft & cozy, perfect with leggings and comes in 6 colors!
Inline image
Now onto to gift ideas for girls. My Ella is 10 years old and in 5th grade. She is kind of in that transition period between still wanting some toys, but leaning more towards the world of electronics. I am not ready to open the floodgates into the world of an iPhone yet! So here are a few other fun ideas. Some of these are on her list, some she has, and some I thought were fun! I listed things by category and linked everything for you so you can just shop away. Because.....

Image result for delivery santa meme
There is really nothing better than new Lego sets on Christmas. Staying in PJ's all day and building Legos is my favorite Christmas pastime! These are two of my favorite sets.

Lego Cupcake Cafe
This ski lift is also adorable....

Lego Ski Lift
She is also into all things girly and thought this looked like something she would love.

My Look Spa
Room Stuff
Ella is a planner. She loves to write things down, use pretty markers and stickers..... a girl after my own heart! The Happy Planner is the cutest thing for her. You can get a planner and most accessories for it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.
DELUXE Happy Planner® - TrendsetterDELUXE Happy Planner® - Trendsetter
The Happy Planner
My girl also loves all things for decorating her room. She loves to change out her blankets and pillows, so she loves getting new stuff for her bedroom.
I love the simplicity of this black and white pattern and you can never have enough fuzzy blankets!

Fuzzy Blanket

Bean bag chairs are a fun idea! I love these corduroy ones and they come in 5 colors! The kids got bean bag chairs for Christmas last year and love cuddling up in them to read. 

One of these light up marquees signs is perfect for her bedroom. I can see her filling in all sorts of fun messages on this board!
If you travel with your kiddos or even if they take little weekend trips to Grandma's,  a carry-on luggage piece is a fun gift idea.

Things to Wear
I always like to give some practical gifts too. New slippers are a must...and these sparkly ones..LOVE!
How adorable is this pom pom scarf? I just love this too & kind of want one for myself!
Ella recently bought this  adorable mini backpack. I guess mini backpacks are a pretty cool thing to have as a 5th grader. A good gift idea!
Cozy PJs are also a must every year in this house. And who isn't dreaming of a snow day???
Something to Read
Books are a great idea for a gift. My kids love to read and it's a perfect time to stock up on some great books. I have heard amazing things on this book and the message behind it.
Ella has also read and loved this series.
A few fun things...
And even though I said I was not bought into electronics, she did get a Kindle a few years ago. I think she would love to connect the EchoDot to it. She loves talking to Alexa and asking her to play music or what the weather will be!
Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - White
Gift Cards are always a hit too with my shopper!!!
I hope this gave you a few good ideas!! Please share your ideas in the comments too!! Next week I will share some gift ideas for boys, hubby and of course myself😉
Have a great weekend friends. See you on Monday....there's always room for one more at our family table.
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  1. Your girl sounds like my girl! This year she's had the hardest time thinking of things she really wants to have. But a few things she did mention - plush blanket, bean bag chair, games, and books! So you are the tween girl whisperer my friend! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm loving those bean bag chairs. My niece and nephew would probably love them. Fun ideas! I like gifting (and getting!!) books. Wonder is fantastic. I recommend. :)


  3. Great ideas! My daughter is ten too so all these sound like things she would like! I've never seen the light up spa. Jaclyn