Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween Fun!!!

Happy Friday Eve friends!! We are still coming down from a fun few days of celebrating Halloween. And Halloween on a Tuesday is tough.  I am a strong supporter of celebrating Halloween on the last Saturday of October...every year! Anybody with me???
We had a fun few days celebrating Halloween this year. We started with the kids' Halloween school dance (which was a few weekends ago). They were excited to hang out and dance with their friends. I was volunteering at the dance and the night before one of the moms volunteering with me suggested we wear costumes. So I pulled together my ninja turtle costume from a few years ago.
My girlfriends and I bought this sparkly green running skirt a few years ago and dressed as ninja turtles for a Halloween Half Marathon.
We crack up, because since that race we have also used that skirt to be elves...
Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling
and leprechauns.....
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we sure have gotten our money's worth out of that skirt!
Over the weekend Ella & Luke had a great afternoon with friends and played Halloween Cupcake Wars. I just baked off some vanilla cupcakes and put out a few different color frostings and lots of fun candies.
It was hands up before the timer started.
They were very focused on their creations.
Gosh there were some interesting designs.
 And then the best part....eating one!
Sunday night we carved pumpkins. 
The dog was not sure what was happening. 
 Please note the kids are on the "pumpkin caving tarp". Paul is not a fan of messes....especially in the house (and his car) so he brings up this tarp every year for carving.
 See....there they are on the tarp! My girlfriend looks forward to the tarp picture every October. I'm sure we will be passing this tarp down to Ella or Luke to use with their kids someday😉
I would also like to note that we are not fancy carvers. Eyes, nose and a mouth...and I am thankful when it's done and I haven't sliced my hand!! 
While I may not be a fancy carver, I can sure make lunch look festive! I sent my kiddos off to school with a fun Halloween lunch.
 And then it snowed. It was so cold...and sleeting...and raining....and snowing...ugh!
But that did not stop my Red Skull Ninja and Vampire from getting geared up to go out. This was their look before putting on hat, gloves, winter coats, etc.... 
I pulled out an old pirate costume to join in the fun! 
Maddie wore a SuperWoman costume that was two three sizes too small! 
But she was still all smiles!! 
My crew came home to sort their loot. That was always my favorite part...sorting my candy and making trades with my brother! Ella has an expander in her mouth, so she can't do any gummy candy, and well Luke can't get enough the trading went pretty smoothly.
After all the trick or treaters were done, Maddie enjoyed her usual spot on the welcome mat with he two jack-o-lanterns! 
Another fun Halloween in the books!
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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