Thursday, November 30, 2017

November Book Review

Yay it's book review day! I was two for three this month!  The first one I just could not get into and I loved the other two! I am linking up with Narci over at  Grace and Love Blog  for her monthly book review link up. Be sure to check out her blog for all her picks too!!
A few months ago I read Faithful from Alice Hoffman and just loved it. This month I picked up another one from her,  Marriage of Opposites and just could not get into it.
This was set in the Caribbean in the early 1800's, telling the story of Rachel, a girl who dreamed of a life in Paris. However she was arranged by her father to be married to a wealthy businessman. A tragedy strikes, a scandalous relationship begins and yet I still just could not get into this one. A great story, but I did not connect with the characters.
I get so bummed when I love a book from an author and then don't love the next one. But I really loved Faithful, so I am not counting this author out yet.
Now if you have read my reviews this year, then you know I love me some Elin Hilderbrand. 
I was so excited to start her Winter series and started with the first book  Winter Street.
It is light, fun, festive,and still makes me love Nantucket! I cannot wait to read the next three.
If you are looking for a good holiday theme book, grab  this one and snuggle up next to your twinkly lights!
Ella & her class are currently reading Wonder, so I decided to read it too. I finished it in two nights and OH.MY. GOSH.
Wonder Cover Art.png
1. Why have I waited so long to read this?
2. Every human should read this book.
I connected with so many parts of this book and I think it does an amazing job of telling a story with a simple message.... Be Kind.
Now to schedule our date to see the movie.
What goes better with a good book in December? A nice, warm cup of hot cocoa!
I shared all the details on our  hot cocoa bar yesterday...perfect for your holiday parties or maybe your book club😉
I am hoping to read a few books next month and will also recap my favorite books of the year. Have the best day friends. See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! There's always room for one more at our family table.
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  1. I read Winter Street this month too! Makes me want to visit Nantucket at Christmas 😜 Love your hot cocoa bar! Sooooo CUTE ❤️

  2. I read the fourth book in the Winter Street series! They are my favorite Christmas time stories!