Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up....All Things Christmas!!

As I write this post, it's hard to believe that this Christmas season has come and gone! On the one hand, it feels like we just decorated... but on the other hand I am ready to take it all down!  And I may be thinking this...
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Just kidding. #butnotreally
We Christmas'd hard this weekend.... I mean we did all the Christmas things. Eating, baking, caroling, gifting, shopping, eating, playing in the snow, watched Polar Express & more eating. 
It was fun having Christmas fall on a Monday. I felt like we had three full days of Christmas.
I hope you all had a wonderful day too!
Here's what we were up to.... and a warning... lots of pics in this post!
Friday morning I woke up to see Luke had left an addendum to his list with our elf.
I put on my festive red plaid and grabbed a few last minute gifts after work. 
The fresh snow was pretty perfect for the Christmas weekend.
Friday we went caroling in the neighborhood.
This looks picture perfect, right?
Funny story, the first 5 houses there was no one home! And many of our driveways are steep and the pretty snow had turned to snow/sleet....which made for ice. Kids were wiping out left & right! Don't worry, no one got hurt but afterwards Paul & I were laughing about it.
Saturday we got another fresh blanket of snow and we were off to Luke's basketball game in a Winter Wonderland! Sidenote... I was the passenger when taking this pic😉
The kids and I baked some cutouts that afternoon.
Confession...cut outs are not my thing. I love to cook & bake, but I do not like cutouts. I never have. So I bought a package of premade dough, baked it and let the kids go to town decorating. 
We finished out Saturday night with peppermint hot cocoas and the Polar Express. 
I just love that movie!
Christmas Eve morning was nice and low key. We made Santa pancakes for breakfast.
And I did some prep work for our Christmas brunch.
The kids played in the snow. 
They tried to dig out the snow to find the ice underneath, while Maddie supervised.
Then we were off to my parents for dinner.
Santa came on Sunday night!
And this crew was pretty pumped to wake up and see that he had been to our house.
Luke loved his new jersey.
Ella loved her new desk chair. She said it looks like something Joanna Gaines would pick out. 
They actually gave Maddie her new toys first, before opening anything else!
Which she promptly shredded... as she does with all tennis balls!
We made fresh squeezed OJ.... a Christmas morning tradition.
Then Ella & I donned our matching aprons to prep for dinner.
My parents, sister and brother and family all came for some Christmas fun. Sidenote- Paul and my dad both look pretty excited in this pic! Ha!
The proud aunt dining with her niece and nephews.
My sister got a new iPhone for Christmas and Ella was so excited to check it out and share a few tips.
Before everyone left, we tried to get a big family selfie. My brother took this pic....
We looked at it. Counted the number of people... and realized my mom was somehow not in the pic!
As I look at it, I still don't know where she was! You can't see any part of her.
We did a re-do. This time with a selfie stick, and it was perfect!
Love doing life with this family of mine!  
Another great Christmas season in the books!
See you tomorrow.... it's my book review day. And I am sharing my ten favorites from the year!!
There's always room for one more at our family table. 

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