Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ella...My Happy Planner!

Hi!! This is Ella doing a post today. For Christmas, I got something called The Happy Planner!! I thought that I would make a post telling you guys about it, and why you should go get one!!

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  This is an amazing planner!! Me and my mom think this is amazing. My mom loves mine so much, she is going to get one for herself!!! The Happy Planner comes with stickers to decorate you planner!! Here is a picture of some stickers.
If you have a busy life, these will definitely help keep you organized.

September monthly in the 'Botanical Garden' Happy Planner™ of mambi Design Team member Mary-Ann Maldonado | me & my BIG ideas
I got mine for Christmas and was so excited to get to work filling it in.
This is the front of mine.
I love how it keeps me so organized! 
Now it's Gen here! I loved Ella's planner so much, I got one too! I love a pen and paper planner. I still cannot put everything into a phone calendar or app. Does that make me sound old??? Ha!
I love the look of my Happy Planner and more importantly the layout is perfect for what I need. I like that it has the month at a glance view.
I do love stickers, so I "borrowed" some of Ella's to make mine look pretty too!
The planner also has a daily break out to  put some events & to-do's. 
And each month gives a fun inspirational quote!
I tried to link most of the things here to buy. Just search The Happy Planner and the possibilities are endless!! There is a great add on for meal planning and grocery lists too! Probably one of my favorites!
Weekly Menu and Grocery List for Happy Planner, Half Sheet Insert, 6 Month Supply, 3.5" x 9.25" (Planner Not Included)
Happy Planning friends! See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites. There's always room for one more at our family table. 

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  1. Such a good post Ella & Gen! I love a good planner and can't wait to check this one out, thanks for sharing :)