Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favorites....

Hi friends! Can you believe this is the last Friday in January?? One month closer to warmer weather here in the Northeast!
As always, I am linking up with three of my favorite blogging friends,  ErikaNarci & Andrea to share some of my favorite things from this week.
Are you a  Trader Joe's fan?? I have a few things there that I love, so I go every so often to stock up. Last week I picked up these plantain chips and they are officially a favorite. 
And dipped in their guac??  A double dose of favorites! I shared my recent Trader Joe's finds this week. You can catch up  here
And I stopped yesterday to grab some more for this weekend (they are that good!) and finally got my hands on the seasoning I have heard so much about!
I always seem to be in nail polish limbo this time of year. I am over red from the holidays...too dreary for fun Summer colors....and the light pinks match my pale winter skin. I picked up this color from Essie this week and I am really liking it. This one is called Bahama Mama.
Image result for bahama mama essie
This one is also favorite this time of year....Smokin' Hot 😉
Image result for smokin hot essie
I shared my  book review here yesterday and let me tell you this one right here is a new favorite.
It's one of those read it in a weekend kind of books. I had heard about this one from a few other bloggers, so it had been on my "to read list" and it did not disappoint!
Luke has always said funny things and I really wish I wrote more down. When he was little, he would wake up, come out of his room and say "Shine & Rise". And you couldn't help but smile. He would often say phrases, but say them just a little "off".
This week he had two funnys I thought I would share...
He was looking through his new football cards and some of the cards were legends (older players). He commented that the uniforms on the lengends looked really different back in the "olden days". I said to him "olden days"?? He responded... yes mama, like back in the nineteens! Ha...I mean wasn't 1998 like 5 years ago?
He was itching to buy more football cards and had $8 (he needed $10). He was so excited to find some change in his piggy bank, counted it out and found he had three more dollars in change. Then he looked at me and said "Wait, can you pay with cents??" Ha! I guess when kids see most transactions with a card or even a phone, they have no idea that yes, you can pay with "cents".
Now for a cute story about Ella. She loves design and organization. I mean I am pretty sure that will be her career path someday. The other day she showed me her "digital closet". 
She took pictures of some different outfit ideas, so in the morning if she was not sure what to wear, she could look there for inspiration. I think I need to have her help me with a digital closet!
Thanks so much for stopping by today! Hope you have the best weekend.
See you Monday with another veggie inspired dinner idea....there's always room for one more at our family table.


  1. Yes, One True Loves - SO GOOD! Also, I am loving the digital closet, I could use one too! ;)

    1. Hey Rechelle- yes, loved that book! And seriously a digital closet? Then again, her wardrobe is probably better than mine ;)
      Happpy Weekend!

  2. Have you ever tried making homemade plantain chips? They are so easy! My husband is Puerto Rican so he will make them for me from time to time and they blow even the TJs ones out of the water!

    1. Oh Danielle....homemade plantain chips sound amazing! Putting that on my to do list!
      Have a great weekend!

  3. I just added One True Loves to my TBR list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I just got my nails done this week and had the same quandry..I chose a light purple. Maybe I'll do red one ore time around Valentines Day.