Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 2018 Book Review

I can't believe we are already doing our first book review of 2018! Last year I really wanted to get back into reading and I did just that. I set a goal to read two books a month and I read 36 books last year. If you missed that review you can catch up here.
2017 Book Review
This year I still have reading at the top of my "What I want out of 2018" list. This month I read 4 books... a pretty good start. I have had a few people message me lately asking when do I have time to read?? I decided to share a little bit of when and where I read in a post yesterday.
A little post about Reading
I had one "ok" book, one book that I just dreaded reading each day and two that I LOVED! Here's the scoop on what I read this month.
I started the Elin Hilderbrand Winter series and read book one in November. I quickly grabbed book two, because I couldn't wait to see what happened next. Image result
That was December. And well here I am reviewing it in January. Not sure what happened last month, but not much reading was accomplished! Anyway, I liked the first book more than the second and there are two more in this series. It follows the life of a family on Nantucket that owns an inn. There are all kinds of stories interwoven between the owner of the inn, his children, his ex, you know....lots going on. It's definitely in the "fluffy" book bucket, but I love Hilderbrand and I love I will continue on with the series, but probably not until November.😉
This movie is coming out in March and it seems to be geared towards my kids age group, so I grabbed A Wrinkle in Time with thoughts of me reading it, then the kids. I love reading the book and then seeing the movie (although yes, I am usually disappointed).
A Wrinkle in Time (A Wrinkle in Time Quintet Book 1) by [L'Engle, Madeleine]
I have to say I did not like anything about this book. I am not sure if  it's because it was sort of sci-fi like or what, but me and this book did not jive. It was about some children trying to find their father who was in some other world or time... I think? I was so lost and not into it, I just wanted it to end. Honestly, I did not read the last 30 pages. I dreaded reading this book each day and thought...this is silly. Why am I reading a book I don't like?
Is it me? Did anyone else "get" this book? I was just so lost.
Maybe this will be one where I like the movie more than the book???
After one "ok" book and one "ugh" book I really needed a good one to get me back to my reading sweet spot. And with this one, I found it.

I had seen this one shared by quite a few bloggers over the past few months and it had been on my "to read" list. It was good...I mean really good...the book you read in a weekend good. It was the story of Emma and how her husband, her one true love,  dies at sea and his body is never found. She picks up the pieces of her life and finds love again. She is engaged to be married with someone from her past and thinks she has found true love again. When she gets a call that her husband has been found (years later) she gets thrown into a whirlwind and has to decide who is her one true love.
This was a good one friends. Not a sappy love story, but one really about true love. A perfect book for your February reading list!
Last year I read from The Things We Keep from Sally Hepworth and it was so good. I told myself I would read more from her.

I grabbed this one and she did not let me down. This was the story of three women, three generations of midwives. When the youngest, Neva discovers she is pregnant she keeps it a secret from everyone. The secret gets out and unravels some secrets from all three women. It was such a great story about women, becoming a mother and the true meaning of family. One of those books that I instantly connected with the characters and could not wait to see what happened next.

And that's my review for January. I am accepting all recommendations for books....we have a trip planned next month. #lotsofreadingtime
Please drop me some of your favorites in the comments!
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.....there's always room for one more at our family table.


  1. I read One True Loves last year and loved it too. Taylor grabs the readers attention with the very first sentence!

    1. was so, so good!! Planning to grab another one from Taylor very soon!

  2. My 5th grade teacher (like 25 years ago) read Wrinkle in Time to us and all I remember is that I did not understand the story. I am just not a sci-fi person.

  3. I agree with A Wrinkle in Time, tried reading it when I was younger and have never felt more lost. But HOORAY for One True Loves & The Secret of Midwives - some of my faves too!! Without Merit by Colleen Hoover was an excellent one I recently read :)

    1. Ugh Rechelle....I was so lost! And those other two saved my reading month for sure! I loved This is How it Ends from Hoover and have been wanting to read another from her. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I loved these ones you loved too. Maybe in Another Life was my first TJr book and I loved that one! Have you read anything by Kristen Higgins yet? I thought I loved TJR, I love Higgins even more. On Second Thought and If You Only Knew are my recommendations for you and seems we like the same types of books. You won't be disappointed. I review my reads each month too at

    Happy Reading!