Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Talk....Snowvember

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Today I want to share some pictures and memories from Snowvember here in Buffalo. This was a crazy week in November when we got almost 7 feet of snow!! I thought it would be fun to look back at that crazy week! And since I was not blogging then...I thought I would blog about it now.
This is one of my favorite pics. This shows the city of Buffalo, with Lake Erie to the right. 
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That wall of white was the snowstorm that pummeled those suburbs south of the city....and we were behind that wall!
I took this picture on November 15th. We had a little bit of snow and Luke was loving the Snowman he built.
It started to snow on the morning of November 17th and I took this picture of our backyard at 7:30 in the morning. 
It snowed all day and when we went to bed at 11, the snow was quickly moving up our front porch.
We got up the next morning and had about 3 feet of snow.
It was still snowing and school was cancelled and neither Paul nor I could make it to work.
The kids were happy to get out and play in all the fresh snow!
But it was still coming down pretty good... you can barely see Luke here.
It was fun for a while, but then it started to get scary when there seemed to be no end in sight.
They upped the snow forecast and it looked as though we would have well over 5 feet of snow when it was all said and done. 
We bundled up, grabbed some beer and walked to our neighbors for dinner. 

Luke entertained us with some old Halloween costumes.
Wednesday morning was a pretty morning. Our yard looked like it was covered in marshmallow. Those trees in front have a 3-4 foot trunk you can usually see, but there was just so much snow!
This poor tree couldn't take all the weight of the snow. 
We were worried about some of our landscape dying because of the weight of the the snow. We did our best to try and knock some of the snow down. I will never forget trying to walk through the waist deep snow to get to the trees. It was just crazy.

The sun came out and we did what we could to start digging out. 

Paul tried to find his chairs and fire pit under the snow and relax for a bit!
And then it started to snow again. 
We made mini ice cream cones with the snow.

These were some long days. There was not much to do. The plows had not been to our street, so we could not get out. We played games, watched movies and went to a different neighbors house every night for dinner. We would bring whatever items we had and put together some sort of potluck dinner. By the fourth night I felt like a contestant on Chopped. Ha!

Even our playset was halfway buried!
After 4 days we got to the corner of our road and there was just so much snow. This picture cracks me up because of the sign that says "No Outlet". There really was not way out.
There was so much snow that the plow trucks could not make it down our street. 

The kids poured Gatorade in the snow to make Sno Cones
Finally after 5 days on November 22 a crew of huge trucks came in to clear the snow. 
Paul and I showing we made it though the craziest snowstorm of our lifetime. 
The craziest part was on November 24th it got really warm and melted so much of it! I mean 2 days prior to this picture, the snow was up over the slide!
It was really a wild week. We could not get to work for over a week. The kids did not have school for 2 weeks. There was so much snow of the roof of the school they cancelled it. We were thankful for good neighbors to spend time with and we sure cleaned out our freezer and pantry.
The kids still talk about the storm and how crazy it was!
Have a great Tuesday friends!
See you tomorrow...there's always room for one more at our family table. 

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