Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February 2018 Book Review

Oh friends, I am so excited for today's post! It's my monthly book review....and it is such a good one! I had lots of pool and beach time this month and read 6 books! YAY! I could read all day with this view....and I did!

This one I saw on another book review from a favorite blogger. It is super light and funny. 
Confessions of a Domestic Failure: A Humorous Book About a not so Perfect Mom
It chronicles a new mom and what she thinks life should be, versus reality. There were quite a few times I laughed out loud while I was reading it. As a mom, I think we have all had similar moments during that first year of those days you felt accomplished for showering! This was just a fun book!
What Alice Forgot
I have had this book on my TBR (to be read) pile for a few months now. I have read and loved three others from Liane Moriarty and heard good things on this one. This was the story of Alice a mom with two children and a husband she adores, or so she thought. Alice takes a fall at the gym and when she comes to, she has forgotten the last ten years of her life. She and her husband are in the throes of a nasty divorce and she has three children. The last thing she remembers is being happily married and pregnant with her first child. Such a good story about getting back to what truly matters in making you happy.
November 9
I loved It Ends With Us from Colleen Hoover and wanted to read more from her. I grabbed November 9 at the library and well I read through it one was that good. is the daughter of a movie star father and was severely burned on the night of November 9. Two years later, on November 9 she meets her dad for lunch and he doesn't even acknowledge the anniversary of the horrific accident. A stranger comes into her life that same day and they have an instant connection. Unfortunately its the same day she is moving cross country to New York. They make a plan to have no contact, but meet again the following November 9 and everyone after that for the next 5 years. What happens each year they meet is just amazing... and you see that everyone has scars, although some may not be visible.
You all know I love me some Elin Hilderbrand and since I was heading to the beach, I had to pick up something from her. I grabbed Summerland.
 This told the story of some high school students coming home from a party and they are in a horrific car crash. One student dies, one left in a coma and two unhurt. The story goes through dealing with all of this and secrets come out from both the students and the parents... all dealing with guilt surrounding the accident. This was not my favorite from her (my favorite is The Castaways) but I still enjoyed reading it! 
My girlfriend has recommended this author to me a few times over the  past year, and I finally grabbed a book from her.
The Night the Lights Went Out
Oh my gosh this book was so good!!! Merilee is recently divorced and moves with her two small children into a rental house to start over. She finds comfort in her landlord, Sugar, a 93 year old woman with lots of stories to share. Merilee gets wrapped up in the luxurious life of the families in the private school her children are attending and finds that life behind the gated communities is not always what it seems. I really enjoyed reading this one and will be picking up another one from Karen White soon!
I have thought about reading this book about 100 times and not sure why I waited so long! Especially since there was  movie based on it...because I love reading the book and then seeing the movie.
Me Before You (Movie Tie-In)
Well I can see what all the hype was about... what a love story!! Louisa is living an ordinary life, when she finds herself taking on a job caring for Will. Will lived an extraordinary life until an accident left him a quadriplegic. He struggles to see the point in living and his family is hoping Louisa can help him see otherwise. It was just so good! I have already picked up Me After You and am reading that now!
Such a great month of reading!!! Have you read anything great lately?? Drop your favorites in the comments... I am always looking for book recommendations!
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See you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday. There's always room for one more at our family table.

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  1. I loved Me Before You and the sequel to it was pretty good. But the third one, oh goodness, I couldn't even get past the first 1/3 of the book. I finally just put it down.