Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Favorites....Groundhog Day Edition

Happy Groundhog Day! I finished up this post late last night, so as I write I am not sure what that groundhog saw but I am hoping it's not an extra 6 weeks of Winter!
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As always, I am linking up with three of my favorite blogging friends,  ErikaNarci & Andrea to share some of my favorite things from this week.

 I am going to start with my most favorite thing from this week. My mom came over early Wednesday morning to help with the kids, as I had to work early. She brought each of the kids a Superbowl shirt. And then she gave me this.....
It also happened to me JT's birthday that day too. She is the best!! #teamJT
I shared some of our fun trip to the beach last week. It was so fun to see the beach during the Winter.
 It was really cool to see, but if asked to pick one...I would for sure pick the beach during the Summer!
Valentine's Day is in 12 days. I feel like it's going to creep up quickly, so my goal is to have the kids write out their class Valentine's this weekend. Their school does not permit food to be brought in, so I am always on the lookout for something fun to put with their Valentine, since candy is not an option. I got these in the dollar, three dollar section at Target.😉 I thought they were fun!
They had a few different ones.... I got the army guys, cats & dogs, and dinos.
Yesterday I shared a recipe from my friend's blog for  Chocolate Chip Cookies. But with this recipe you mix milk and white chips and oh my good!
I also have this recipe on my list for a weekend soon....
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
And that's about it...a quiet week around here!
We are excited to take a trip to the art museum and go out to dinner tonight. Tomorrow we have a few basketball games and then dinner with friends. 
Finishing up our weekend with the Super Bowl!! How about you watch the Superbowl? Or just the commercials? Or just JT? Or just there for the snacks??
Whichever one is your jam....I hope you have a fun Superbowl Sunday!
See you on Monday....there's always room for one more at our family table.


  1. WHERE did she get that shirt?? LOVEEE! :)

    1. I know right!! She ordered it through a local t-shirt shop!

  2. Your Super Bowl shirt is the best!!!

    1. Thanks far my favorite thing of the week! Have the best weekend!

  3. That t-shirt is perfect! :D Looks like a beautiful trip to the beach, but I'm with you on going in the summer too. Happy Friday!

  4. That is such a fun tshirt. Those cookies look incredible! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Those valentines are so cute and unique! Got to love Target!

  6. Those pancakes look delicious. I'm not planning on watching the SuperBowl. I'm not a sports fan. I will probably spend the day reading or watching Golden Girls (wild and crazy, I know!)