Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday Talk....Kids Packing

Hi friends! I am linking up with  Erika &  Ashley for Tuesday Talk. A monthly link up where we can talk about any and everything!
Today I want to talk about packing. And you know what's funny.... a year ago this day I also talked about packing. But that post was about me and how I am an awful packer. 
My name is Genevieve and I am a terrible packer. And I hate packing. I am always the one at the airport that gets the fluorescent orange "HEAVY" sticker slapped on my suitcase, right after I pay another $50 for my bag.
But today we are not talking about that again. Today let's talk about kids & packing. Last week I was talking with a few other moms about an upcoming trip and one of them asked how old kids should be when they start packing themselves. One mom said she lets her 11 year old pack and I said my kids have been packing themselves for a few years and I got a few surprised looks! 
So I thought I would share a little about my kids and packing. 
When Ella was around 6, she started packing herself when she was having an overnight at my parents. It was pretty simple, I would tell her to pack PJ's, an outfit, a book and her toothbrush. 
She handled that like a champ. So for vacation that year, I had her pack for that as well.
I start a week or two before a trip and we write out things she will need to bring. I usually tell her what to bring and she writes the list. One list of clothing and one of things she wants in her carry on or with her in the car if it's a road trip. I have her lay out her outfits and then I take a look to make sure they are ok and in the suitcase they go.
The next year I started Luke on the same program. I will tell him what items he needs to get together (7 outfits, 3 PJs, 7 pair underwear, etc.). He lays everything out, I check it over and in the suitcase it goes. Side note...Luke has always laid out his clothes to look just like he would wear them.... and I think it's the cutest thing!
This works so well for us. Ella loves having a list of things to take and checking it off. I love that it's one less thing for me to do and it teaches them responsibility. They understand what they need to pack and it's their responsibility if they forgot something.
So am I crazy?? Are their other mamas out there that have their younger kids pack???
I would love to hear more on this topic or some other tricks for getting everyone packed and ready!
See you tomorrow...there's always room for one more at our family table. 

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