Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Little March Fun!

It's March 1st! That means this month will be full of shenanigans here at our house! I grew up in a community with a strong Irish heritage, so St Patrick's Day was always a pretty big deal. I am always up for a fun holiday, so we have lots of shenanigans planned here this month!

Obviously we get out all our green clothing. Which is usually the one green shirt that I buy the first week of March!
Love my little leprechauns!
If you are looking for some green for your crew, you are in luck! Target has some cute tees. I love this one for girls... a little shamrock and a little rainbow.
Girls' Short Sleeve St. Patrick's Day Multi Shamrock Graphic T-Shirt - Cat & Jack™ Green - image 1 of 1
And this one for boys made me smile.
Boys' Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Cat & Jack™ Green - image 1 of 1
My kids spend lots of time building some leprechaun traps. They are determined to catch him!
 They leave the traps outside their door the night before St. Patrick's Day in hope of catching him and his pot o' gold. Sometimes they use rainbow candies to try and trick him.
But they haven't gotten him yet!
And he is mischievous! He always does some pretty funny things when he comes to town.
He has been known to TP the bathroom and turn the toilet water green!
He always leaves behind a fun breakfast for the morning.
The juice is somehow green and so is the milk!
Of course Lucky Charms are the main course for breakfast!
I send the kids off with a very green lunch.   
 Green Apples, skittles and gold rolos are some of their favorites. I just search for some printables to add some more fun to their lunch. 
Even Paul and I sneak in some fun with the Annual Shamrock Run!
How about you?? Does the leprechaun visit your house??? 
Have the best day! See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites. There's always room for one more at our family table.

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