Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites... St Patrick's Day Edition

Well friends we made it through daylight savings week!! Not sure about you, but I am crawling into Friday! A crazy project week at work and the time change just did me in. I am ready for the weekend!
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As always, I am linking up with three of my favorite blogging friends, ErikaNarci & Andrea to share a few of my favorite things from this week. 

Last weekend we celebrated Maddie's 3rd Birthday! Yep...baked a cake to celebrate! Any excuse for a cake!
 And I have to admit, I was never really a "dog person" until we got this sweet girl. It took me a while...that puppy stage is tough... but gosh I can't imagine life without her. I shared a post about it last year.
The kids just love her and she adores them!
So she turned 3, which is 21 in dog years. Paul and the kids picked this perfect gift for her 21st Birthday😉

I used to love the Shamrock Shake from McDonald's... and then I realized what was in the shake and thought probably not good to love them! I haven't had one in about 10 years, so I was so excited when I saw this Shake your Shamrocks Shake at our local smoothie shop. 
It was made with spinach, avocado, mint and more goodness and it was so yummy!!
Definitely a favorite of mine this week.

This memory popped up this week and it's a favorite. Ella had to dress as her favorite book character for school when she was in first grade. She was obsessed with all the Junie B Jones books and went as the Boss of Lunch! I just love her big smile!!!

Can you believe Easter is two weeks from Sunday! Gosh this snow needs to get out of here or this will be us....
Anyway, earlier this week I shared some favorite things to put in Easter baskets . So if you need some fresh ideas, hop over to check it out.

This is a favorite weekend coming up.... St Patrick's Day! I shared some of  our shenanigans earlier this month. My kiddos try to catch the leprechaun every year and every year he plays all kinds of trickery!
And if you need a fun dessert for this weekend, my  Guiness & Bailey's cupcakes are just what the leprechaun ordered.

Here's to a weekend full of lots of shenanigans!!!
See you Monday....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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