Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites!

Hey, hey Friday!!! Gosh this was a week and I am ready for the weekend!! 
 As always, I am linking up with three of my favorite blogging friends, ErikaNarci & Andrea to share what made me smile this week.

A favorite this week was recapping  our vacation here on the blog. It was a very relaxing, low key week spent by the pool and at the beach. 
It was just what we needed to escape this cold Winter.  You can check out our  fun here.

I cannot believe Easter is just three weeks from Sunday! I will be sharing some favorite Easter Basket ideas next week, but I saw my favorite decorating kits at Target this week. 
This one is  Sweet Treats... mini ice cream cones!! Ella will love this one!
Easter Sweet Treats Egg Decorating Kit - Spritz™ - image 1 of 1
And  these pirates are perfect for Luke. 

Easter Pirate Egg Decorating Kit - Spritz™ - image 1 of 1
We have been buying these kits for the past few years and my crew loves them!
They make the cutest ever Easter eggs!!!
Friends.... you need to grab those kids for your kiddos! They also have a  gnome one and one with an under the sea theme.

Ella played the violin in our school's district wide concert this week. There were kids from 4th grade through high school and they did an amazing job!
I am always blown away at how quickly she has learned to read music and play an instrument. I never really learned to play, so I am super impressed!!

Luke came home on Tuesday with some exciting news. He was awarded Student of the Month.... for physical education. This is probably the most coveted award he will ever receive, because it is by far the highlight of his school day.  He loves gym class and I am sure he gives it his all every class!
The teacher sent home this picture of him at school. It's apparently a pretty big have your picture hanging at school for all to see. 
And aren't we lucky that he chose this pose😉
I made this for dinner last night and gosh I forgot how good it was! I haven't made it in a while, but it's a great Spring dish.....Lemon & Asparagus Pasta with Scallops and Goat Cheese!
You can grab the recipe  here.

And friends I have to share this amazing deal with you. I started using  Rodan & Fields skincare about 6 months ago and it has done wonders for my skin. I was beginning to notice a lot of sun damage, and the Reverse line has really helped to do just that... reverse the damage.
So from now until Monday, if you purchase a skin regimen as a preferred customer, you will receive a free lash boost! That is a top selling, cult following product at a value of $150!!! It's just crazy!
So this is what it looks like....
So if you ever wanted to give  Rodan & Fields a try, I tell you now is the time! Like all our products, this offer comes with a 60 day, empty bottle, 100% money back have nothing to lose! You can take  this quick survey to find out which products are best for your skin type. You can shop the line  here.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have!!

Luke has a playoff basketball game this weekend!!! And on Saturday we are celebrating Maddie's 3rd Birthday!
Have the best weekend friends! 
See you on Monday....there's always room for one more at our family table.


  1. That scallop dish looks delicious! Congrats to your kids. Student of the month is a big deal at our middle school too. My 4th grade son plays the trumpet and we also are amazed at how quickly he picked it up! Kids are amazing in their ability to try something new and excel. Have a great weekend! Stopping by from Friday Favorites!

  2. Your eggs turned out super cute! I love this time of year!