Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How We Wednesday... Mom Fail

Happy Wednesday friends!!! Today I am linking up with Shay & Erika for How We Wednesdays. Some fun topics on "how we do" life... and today's topic is a fun one!
So be sure to check in the second Wednesday of each month for a little peek at "How We....." do life!
In January we chatted about how we set goals for the year.  One of mine was carving out time to read a few books each month.

And February was all about how we take care of trying to get in a run with girlfriends. Good for the mind & body!

This we momfail and live to discuss!! Ha!
Let's just say this momming thing is not always easy. 
And well you need to have a sense of humor about it all if you want any chance of surviving!
Now I know I have had a lot of mom fails... folowed by a call to my mom of reassurance that I have not done permanent damage and then a text to my girlfriends for comic relief. 
But now that I am put on the spot, I am trying to remember some of them. Which I guess means that my fails have not altered mine or my child's life that much, so we are all ok!

One of the more recent was with Ella. She had been playing at a friend's house and stepped on something sharp. The mom (one of my best friends) texted and said what happened and that she and her husband both looked at it and did not see anything lodged in there. I checked it out when she got looked like a cut, we cleaned it, put on some antibiotic cream and called it a night. Three days later she was still "limping" around. I looked at it again, as did Paul and we both told her pretty much to "get over it"... she just had a cut. Well a few more days went by and she was at my parents house. My mom took a look at her foot and pulled out a 1/4" piece of a needle. Yep... she was walking around with a needle lodged in her foot and we told her to get over it. #momfail

I mean there are all kinds of things that go wrong.. forgetting to send you kid to school in the right color for some celebration... or sending them in a crazy outfit for mix & match day, on the wrong day!  We have all been there, we have all survived and our kids will too!

This book gives a really fun take on this mom is a hysterical take on life as a mom. I honestly was laughing out loud, because I had found myself in similar situations when my kids were smaller. This book is fun to read as a helps to know we have all been there! 
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I shared my thoughts on the book in last month's book review.

So here's to all of you amazing mama's out there! Doing our best everyday to keep everyone and everything on schedule....just remember to laugh along the way! It makes it a lot more fun!

See you tomorrow....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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