Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up...Getting our Easter On!!

Hey friends! We had a fun weekend doing some favorite Easter traditions!
We took a trip to the Broadway Market. For those not local, this market is open year round with limited vendors...however Easter is whole other story. The market fills up with all sorts of vendors selling anything you need to celebrate the Easter holiday. It celebrates most Polish Easter traditions, so people flock there in the weeks leading up to Easter to get all their sausages, pierogi and baked goods.
We took the kids Saturday around lunch time and the place was packed!
I took the kids to pick out their hand painted Polish eggs. They pick a few every time we go and love looking at them each Easter season.
While we picked out eggs, Paul trekked his way over to the meat counter. Ella checked on him and he was #128...they were on #84! He was going to be a while, so the kids and I walked around for some more things. 
We stopped at Lewandowski Produce and had to get a picture...that's Paul's mom's maiden name. She also used to walk to this market to get groceries when she was growing up! 
We also picked up our pussy willows so we are ready to celebrate Dyngus Day...again if you are not from this area....Dyngus Day is celebrated on Easter Monday. Something about the girls hitting boys with pussy willows? I am not even sure of the whole meaning!
Paul was still in line at the meat counter so we waited in line to buy some pierogi and the kids got some gelato while we waited. 
Paul finally met up with us and said "I don't even know what I got, that place was nuts!" Ha! Paul is not a fan of crowds 😉
We took a quick family selfie....
and grabbed a few macarons before heading out to lunch.
We tried Espresso, Salted Caramel and Coconut and they were all amazing!
Continuing in our Polish theme, we went out for pierogi for lunch. Local friends if you have not been to Ru's Pierogi, put it on your to-do list! So good and a great spot for kids too!
The shadows in this pic make it tough to see, but Paul and I split the Reuben Pierogi and the Asian Pulled Pork.
The kid each got Cheddar Potato and a salad and then we tried dessert....
Yep... an Apple Cinnamon Pierogi and a Cookies & Cream Pierogi. Oh.My.Goodness!
On our way out my crew each stood under the sign that best represented them😉
On Sunday we finished off our weekend with this.....
Yep......we grilled our sausage and fried up some more pierogi. A fun weekend celebrating some Easter traditions! 
Bunny pancakes & egg coloring on tap for this Saturday!
See you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday.....there's always room for one more at our family table.

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