Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Little Weekend Wrap Up.... Hello Summer!!

Well friends we had the best few days to officially kick off Summer here! The weather was picture perfect and we took full advantage. Here is a peek at our Memorial Day weekend fun.
Paul took off Thursday and enjoyed a mini vacation from work. We had a great day date with lunch on the patio while the kids were at school.😉
What is it about all food just tasting better outside???

Thursday night Luke had a baseball game. I tell you, Ella is a trooper. He plays an awful lot of games in a short period of time (the season is about 2 months) and she is there for almost all of them. And some of the games seem to go on forever!
They played under the lights, which is one of my favorite things ever!  
ps- that's my guy on first base
Luke had an awesome game with a few great hits, a solid stint as pitcher, and was so excited to win the game medal! 
Friday we hit the water in the boat for the first time this season. The air was warm, but the lake is still cool, so it was a chilly but sunny ride. 
These two got comfortable pretty quickly..... 
Paul got some bait to fish, but all the kids wanted to do was play with the little "crabs".  
It was a beautiful start to the boating season! 
We came back to the marina and Luke wanted to catch some fish with just a net. Paul said ok, but you are never going to catch anything with just a net! Well sure enough he did! And Ella was jumping up and down with excitement. 
And all Luke wanted was to hold his catch! 
Saturday was just a do what you want kind of day. I started my day with a run and coffee with my girlfriend. 
And the boys headed to the boat for some more fishing. 
Ella and I went grocery shopping, which I don't normally do on a weekend afternoon because it's so busy. She loved it, because they give out all the samples on the weekends. Here she is with some sushi and strawberry shortcake! 

FYI.. cherries are in season here and they are so good! But also pricey.. I went to weigh my bag and had like $20 in cherries! 
We had a clambake and I think Luke ate half of the clams! I shared my recipe for how we make this clambak. It's pretty simple and a fun Summer dinner.
Sunday we did the playground with friends, went our for ice cream and had dinner at my parents. 
Monday the kids went to help my parents with some gardening (or maybe just out for ice cream😉) and Paul and I went out on the boat for a bit. 
It was a gorgeous day!! 
And then we got a last minute invite for a BBQ and swimming with our neighbors.... 
......and we could not resist! We are officially in Summer Mode!!
I hope you guys got to enjoy the best of Summer this weekend too!
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites... there's always room for one more at our family table.

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