Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Luke's First Holy Communion

Hi friends! Two weekends ago, we celebrated Luke's First Holy Communion. It was a special day spent with our friends and family  and I wanted to share some of it here with you.

He really wanted to wear a bow tie. He loves bow ties and asked for a green one. Boston Celtics green to be specific.
This kid lives in Under Armour shorts and sports jerseys, so when he came down in his suit......
I mean I am sure I am biased, but he is about the cutest thing ever.
We  took approximately one thousand photos, so I will just share a few of my favorites with you. 

This guy here, Andy is Paul's best friend. Like since kindergarten best friend. He is Luke's godfather and flew in so he could be there for Luke's day. These three guys....

Luke did a great job in Mass, even though he was a bit nervous. We had practiced the night before with Sour Patch Kids!
Here he is with my parents....
 his godparents.....

and with Paul's parents.....
They came in from Florida to celebrate and were shocked when we told them there was  chance of snow. Sure enough it snowed the morning of his First Communion. That poor robin didn't know what to do!?!

Now for a few fun party details. I went with a blue and green theme and loved how it turned out. I made a banner with some of my favorite pictures of Luke throughout the last 9 years.
Of course there were some sweets to help celebrate the day!
I have shared this tip before, but I love using wrapping paper in party decor. For the tables, I used some big pieces across the middle as a sort of runner. I think it looks fun and there are so many great wrap patterns out there that you can really find something to make the table pop.
I have also shared before my love of mason jars. They are the best for small flower arrangements. The hydrangea are actually fake (the same ones I used for Ella's first communion). I added fresh baby's breath and yellow tulips for some added color.
This may sound crazy but I like to have a fun drink to kind of coordinate with the party too! I made a Blueberry Lemon Spritzer & it was so good! Muddled blueberries, lemonade, blueberry lemon sparkling water... and a little vodka for the adults. It was fun, fresh and looked good too!
Luke and his cousins all love basketball and the NBA playoffs were on during his party. So they all wanted to go into the basement with their lunch and watch. So instead of sitting at the table... with all the fun candy....
They ended up in the basement, eating off of upside down storage containers!
Luke had the best day and shortly returned to his everyday attire....proudly wearing one of his gifts... a new basketball jersey😉
Have a great day friends!
See you tomorrow, there's always room for one more at our family table.

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